View Full Version : Longest Suspensions Ever

10-11-05, 17:11
Just out of interest's sake, I was wondering if any of you knew what is the longest suspension ever given out by a disciplinary committee in Rugby Union. Obviously international suspensions would be of much more interest, but any lengthy grassroots or club level suspensions would be of interest as well.

In my 5 or so years in Rugby the longest suspension I've ever seen is only the rest of the season (grassroots level).

11-11-05, 22:11
I know of a 5 year ban, for urinating in a touch judges pocket.

Vince Dunn of Shirley wanderers RFC when a spectator at a 7s tournament (IIRC).


I usedd to play alongside Vince when I played at SWRFC...


Simon Griffiths
11-11-05, 22:11
I mentioned on another thread - about playing during a suspension - the case where a player was banned for life (which Simon T confirmed for me) - beat that anyone! ;)