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13-11-05, 00:11
Strange how Mr. Kaplan went to the video referee for so many of NZ's touchdowns. Yet Marcus Horan's dubious looking grounding was given without reference to technology.

14-11-05, 12:11
... watching a b it of the GB v NZ RL game yesterday I noticed the ref there went to the TV ref for what was quite clearly a perfectly legit try... so I guess when the TV ref is there he gets used.

Not that explakins the award of what otherwoise might have been worth referring :-)


Robert Burns
14-11-05, 13:11
What about the Penalty Try against Scotland? :mad:

And the very harsh yellow card 7 minutes before it!

And the try technology couldn't give because they couldn't see.

Shouldn't in those cases, probability come into it a bit, we can't see for sure, but it looks like he probably did score?

Technology NOT helping a team!