View Full Version : penalty in ingoal

24-11-05, 12:11
black pushes the ball out into touch in the ingoal area by hand .... ref gives a penalty on the 5m mark 5m in from touch ...

is this right ?

mind you in narrows down the tactical options for the attacking team ...

Brian Ravenhill
24-11-05, 14:11
My initial response to seeing it on video was penalty try. As has been said previously on these boards if you take the culprit out of the equation would a try have probably been scored? On a second/third viewing there was probably nobody close enough to the situation, other than Cueto who had already dived and missed, so penalty 5 was probably on balance the right decision.

I thought the ref had a superb game. His little chats to the captains placed all the responsibility of his actions squarely on the captains, with the resultant 3 cards justly and calmly distributed.

24-11-05, 14:11
ah, should have been a penalty in 15m.

this my comment on narrowing down tactical options if a penalty in 5m is awarded.
A pen in 15m is almost definitely a pg=3 pts.
A pen 5m turns in to possible line out option and a possible 7 pts or a pg for 3pts.

so a bad decision got its just desserts ...

25-11-05, 15:11
i have been bemused to see many international referees award penalties for deliberate out of bounds, 5m from the touchline instead of the appropriate 15m aka Alain Lewis and David McHugh. It is also a common mistake at grassroots level. Oh well, as long as noone knows the laws its okay. At least Chris White got it right;)