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Mat 04
28-11-05, 00:11
Anyone know how Nigel whitehouse came about to be refereeing this game? I like Nigel, very good ref in my opinion and I was very excited and happy to see him referee a high calibre game like this, and I also think he done it very well...... :)

Mat 04
28-11-05, 00:11
Nevermind lol, answered my own question..

28-11-05, 10:11
One very odd incident in the run-up to one of the ABs' tries.

Kick ahead, which I thought at first was off-side, but wasn't, but then a series of attempted catches (juggling) which was caught by a different player from the juggler. Had to have been (IMO) at least a scrum.

And it was under the ref's nose.