View Full Version : Can a Ball carrier be pinged for stamping?

15-12-05, 18:12
Red centre takes the ball up to his oppo centre. Oppo blue centre does his best to tackle red centre but slips while grasping and falls underneath red centre. Red Centre treads on blue centre. Blues appeal.
Ref says play on.
At next break down, Blues capt asks why it was not stamping by red centre on blue centre.
In the process of running and trying to sprint away from the contact red centre does place his foot downwards and hard onto the blue centre.
If there had been no ball in red centre's hands it could have been determined that it was a case of stamping.

Was the ref correct to say play on and not ping the ball carrying red centre?

15-12-05, 18:12
Did this really happen?

If there had been no ball in Red's hand why would Blue be tackling a player with out the ball, that case Pen Red surely.

If you see someone run over someone neither of whom have the ball, well it's as normal all down to circumstance, but there's a case there possibly.

Note the "possibly" because surely it's how it's done in the context of the game.:eek:

As to the above example I'd think if no obvious malice/intent then play on. Ref correct.

Simon Griffiths
15-12-05, 18:12
I'd say he was right under the circumstances too - it's one of the risks of tackling. Of course, if it appeared to be malicious then I'd ping red and certainly have words with him. But if it's just his normal stride pattern etc. then blues have nothing to complain about really - should have put in a better tackle.

15-12-05, 20:12
yes, this did really happen. IMHO if red had not put his foot on the body of blue then he would have fallen. But he trod hard to get some purchase to sprint away so made it look worse than it could have been. Obviously blue had some stud marks on his abdomen area to show me afterwards.
It was difficult: but my judgement was that there was no real malice intended.

Robert Burns
15-12-05, 23:12
Well from my days playing If you were not tackled properly you DO put more energy into your feet to try and run out of the tackle, I would say it would be very harsh to be pinged for it as you are trying to get out the tackle and toward the line.

Why would a ball carrier try to intentionally stamp on someone when they have a chance of running to a possible try?

Good call by ref. (Or you, not sure if you were ref'ing)

16-12-05, 00:12
The tackle has gone wrong. Therefore the precise position of the would-be tackler is unpredictable. The ball-carrier is probably off-balance and trying to regain it. Moreover he is unlikely to be looking at his feet.

Unless there is good reason to believe he deliberately chose to tread on the other player, no foul.

16-12-05, 14:12
Can a ball carrier be pinged for stamping? Yes.

Should it have happened in the case you outlined? Don't know, didn't see it and trust to the referee-on-the-spot's judgement.