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05-03-09, 20:03
No lifting is permitted at U15 level. However, I think lifting is allowed at U15 County level. Can anybody verify? If so, can you provide me with the ruling and where it has come from?


05-03-09, 20:03
This is true. I don't know why but maybe it's because county level players are good and therefore have enough 'skill' to be able to lift?

Greg Collins
05-03-09, 20:03
so when we play Wales our lads are not at a disadvantage. Age variations are different in Wales and elsewhere

05-03-09, 21:03
It is true, but it's a poorly thought-out exemption. County players come together infrequently. When they play for their club or school, they can't lift. Club/school coaches risk Health & Safety and Child Protection issues, not to mention insurance ones, if they try to coach lifting early. Consequently, when they come to do it legally in County matches, they are not sufficiently competent and practiced to do it either safely or effectively, and so put themselves and their jumper at risk:mad:

This is one policy that really rankles with me. When my U.14's turn U.15 next year, I will have forward pods practicing receiving kick-offs by having two forwards lift another one. As the FH will be training with the back line rather than doing the actual kicks, I will have the hooker simulate the kick by throwing high balls for the jumper to catch. With any luck, this may help if any of them get called up to county duty.

As to justification - good question! The RFU variations for the U.15 age grade is here: http://www.rfu.com/regulations/PageContent.aspx?SectionID=285. It references the U.13/U14 variations, which state:

5.6 Law 19 Line-Out

5.6.1 Minimum numbers. At least two from each team.

Penalty: Free kick.

5.6.2 Maximum numbers. The team throwing in the ball decides the maximum number of players forming the line-out.

Penalty (for the non-throwing in team having too many players): Free Kick.

5.6.3 The line-out extends from 5 metres from touch to 15 metres in-field and parallel with the touchline. Lifting/supporting is prohibited at this age group, i.e. a player may not bind to a jumper until he/she has returned to the ground.

Penalty: Penalty Kick.

5.6.4 There is no longer a requirement to peel close to and parallel with the line-out. However, there is nothing in the U.15 reg that gives more licence to county players. All it says is:
The variations for age grade Under 15 shall be as per under 13 and 14 except:

(a) Playing time not to exceed 30 minutes each way playing with a size five ball.

(b) After 60 minutes of playing time, the referee must not allow extra time to be played in the case of a drawn match in a knock-out competition
One would have thought they'd have bothed to update their own regulation - but that would alarming competent for the RFU.

The umpire
05-03-09, 23:03
Although it's not explicity prohibited, I'd have thought you would be on dodgy ground coaching them to lift to receive a kick off. They aren't allowed to lift in a line-out, which is a pretty static affair, presumably for safety reasons. To then encourage them to do it in a dynamic situation such as the KO, with players arriving at speed, seems like a bold decision.

06-03-09, 00:03
No lifting is permitted at U15 level. However, I think lifting is allowed at U15 County level. Can anybody verify? If so, can you provide me with the ruling and where it has come from?


Will, lifting is allowed for U15 if representing the County but only if the coaches of both teams agree. I cannot quote you chapter and verse although I am aware from personal experience that it has been in for at least two seasons. I refereed a County U15 game last Sunday and lifting happened quite safely although was not totally effective. Only two pods were used by both sides and invariably most throws went to the front pod.

It was not an issue during the game where my greatest concern was the exuberance with which players of this age group willingly sacrifice their own personal safety in the pursuit of glory.

06-03-09, 15:03
Deeps - cheers mate.

So; if both coaches agree and then during the match it becomes ridiculously dangerous due to lack of skills; do we have the power to make them stop lifting?