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tim White
05-01-06, 13:01
I have a possibility of two trips next year, one to South Africa attached to a school group, and one to New Zealand where my son will be on a student Gap placement.

I'd love to do some adult reffing when out there, does anyone have any experience of reffing abroad(registering, insurance, accreditation of your competence) and any contacts over there I could badger for information and fixtures?

Actual itineries are not firm yet but any help appreciated as both trips will take some planning - perhaps even sponsorship!


Wert Twacky
05-01-06, 13:01

I've been fortunate enough to ref in the States on an exchange that our Society has. Needless to say, it's a "trip of a lifetime" thing and you couldn't fault the hospitality of the Yanks.

Regarding insurance, my ins co were happy that refereeing RU was not a "dangerous/winter sport", although some may beg to differ, so the normal annual travel ins policy I had was fine.

Competeance etc, I think that's down to you explaining to the Society you're going to what levels you do here in the UK. I know the States Level One was no-where near the RFU L1, more like L6/L5. They will often give you a warm-up match (school, lower league level stuff) just to test the water, and if that's OK, the matches will get better, depending on how long you're out there for.

I reckon you should find out what Society covers where you're travelling and then contact them. I expect they'll be more than helpful. You may even want to offer up the idea of any of their refs coming over to your Society?

If you get the oppo to go - you must!

05-01-06, 13:01
Your question may be better directed to the Host Societies.
Your travel insurance will cover you if you fall ill/get injured - liability cover will probably NOT extend across national borders, so that's what you might want to get clarified!

05-01-06, 14:01
I believe there is some RFU form that you fill in to with certain logistical issues. I think it is on the Hampshire website somewhere but I would have to look for it and don't know if it is still in date.

Simon Thomas
05-01-06, 15:01

I have organised a number of Society and personal exchanges in last 5 years.
One tip, especially with SA and NZ, is play down the English RFU side - NZ (or SA) reckon they have the best referees in the world by far at all levels ! Chris White is OK, the rest of ours are useless and mostly they hate Spreaders.
As a Cumbria Society level 7 inform your Chairman and Secretary of your intent. Contact the relevant Societies / Schools in SA and NZ both yourself and 'officially' through the Society.
Get good contacts and talk to them - be as detailed as you can about things. Be very clear about grade levels etc, and agree who are you reffing, where, when ? Get backgound feel for country refffing on web sites (Clubs and Refs Societies). Arrnage a warm up match before any serious matches.
Complete and submit (usually via Society Sec) the Permission to Referee Overseas form (see attached or on RFU Web Site (http://www.community-rugby.com/communityrugby/index.cfm/Fuseaction/Home.Downloads/StoryTypeId/101/SectionId/634/StoryId/11536.cfm)).
This gives extension to RFU Marsh Insurance (but excludes USA and SA I think ?) for accidental injury, death and most importantly 3rd party liability.
Check insurance cover locally - what is Club, School, and Society cover for your accidental injury, death and 3rd party liability (e.g. in Netherlands visiting refs are not included). Check that as an appointed visiting referee are you covered by it ? Do not rely on your travel insurance for anything, and you may need to inform them you intend to referee a rugby match - check the exclusions clauses.
Once there, watch a similar level match(es) before you ref yourself - get a feel for player and coach expectations (and spectators - especially Arikaans and Maori parents !), local Law interpretations, Law focus (are thet bothered about flanker binding), age variants, etc. What is usual pre-match process (can be different to UK), water carriers / physio attention rules and regs, etc.
If you need to talk, then let me know by email with your number.
Enjoy it is great fun and a wonderful experience - the game is the same, but also very different !

05-01-06, 16:01
Simon's is the formal, correct approach.

However a colleague of mine was in Brisbane on holiday and happened to have his kit with him (unknown to his wife!). He contacted the local society and they happily gave him a couple of low level games - and then invited him to referee a local schools final! Sadly, his plane left before that.

Mike Whittaker
05-01-06, 23:01
Sadly, his plane left before that.
Did his wife go on ahead or wait for his later plane...
Or is he still there.?

DJ Jnr
06-01-06, 19:01
OB.. is on the money!

Take Waikato, we're so down on reffing numbers, that if you contacted the correct people I'm sure you'd get a game............. what game I don't no. Last season we had an exchange ref from ACT (Aus) and she did the Under21 Final.

If you need any help with contacts, I'm sure that I can help!

I have contacts ;)

tim White
03-03-06, 15:03
DJ Jnr. Any help gratefully received. I am assuming I should join a society in NZ and take relevant course to prove competence - particularly the Domestic Safety Law Variations.

If, and when, things get more precise I could apply for a 'transfer' if necessary. Assessments not easy at the moment, obviously.

e mail via 'members' list above, cheers.

Note for all Southern Hemisphere friends - it has just dropped 2" of snow here.

03-03-06, 17:03
Only 2" of snow?

We had 2 FEET last week!

Grrr, we're men out here in New England, Grrrr! ;)