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06-01-06, 15:01
I'm a bit unclear on the off-side rules around the tackle. The laws don't really say anything as far as I can see specifically to this area. I had the following situation in a game last week and would appreciate some advice.

Blue were defending on their own 5m line when their centre intercepted the ball and ran straight through. Luckily the attacking side (red) had their full back deep who made a good tackle to bring them both to the ground. All other 28 players (+ref) were struggling to keep up. A blue and red player arrived at the same time. The red player went around the tackled players, who were still on the ground and had released the ball, and stood in a defensive position at the back of the tackle. He didn't go for the ball or make the play into a ruck. The blue player took the ball as if a scrum half and passed it to the flyhalf who had duely arrived. The flyhalf was promptly flattened by a red forward from behind who was still retreating and knocked on. Obviously blue jumped up and down for offside when I eventually gave a scrum red ball.

Was this correct ? does loitering come into it if there is no offside line ? Also why do players have to enter a tackle 'through the gate' ? I see no rule stating that ?

help would be appreciated !!:confused:

06-01-06, 15:01
I think that your decision was correct, the ball had not been kicked forward which could cause offside positions. But the ball had been played out of the tackle, not a ruck or maul so no off side line across the pitch.

Simon Thomas
06-01-06, 15:01
Totally agree with GazMaz - well done lawsons, correct decision no ruck or maul so no offside line. From description the second tackler was not loitering or deliberately slow back - so play on.
I would have called 'no offside lines' as clarification.

'Through the gate' at tackle is covered by 15.6 (c)

06-01-06, 17:01
I agree also.

This is one reason why I stress that there is no offside line at a tackle, even though some people like to say the "through the gate" requirement is essentially an offside rule.

Well done Red defender for realising that by forming a ruck he would have put his team mates offside.

Brian Ravenhill
10-01-06, 14:01
How could red defender have formed a ruck all by himself?

10-01-06, 14:01
How could red defender have formed a ruck all by himself?

By binding onto the blue player who had arrived at the same time according to the original query. The one who picked up the ball.

Brian Ravenhill
10-01-06, 14:01
But the two in the original tackle were still on the floor, and he was at the back of the tackle, to have played the oposite number without the ball would have been obstruction.

10-01-06, 15:01
Two players, one from each side, in contact over the ball is the definition of a ruck.

Yes the player doesn't have the ball, but under the LotG that is how a ruck is formed.