View Full Version : Defender foot-in-touch, catching the ball from kicker

Gareth-Lee Smith
08-04-09, 08:04
Right, this cropped up in another thread and I've never been clear on the subject so I'll address it now so that I can get my head around it. Probably not the best time, mind, seeing as my season is pretty much over.

Blue kick the ball from outside their 22m line. Red player has one foot in-touch and one in the field of play and catches the ball before it crosses the plane of touch. What's the decision?

I believe that it's a case of no gain in ground and a lineout to Red. But I only assume this because of anecdotal evidence and seeing it in televised matches.

Could somebody either correct me, give me justification in law, or show me an IRB ruling, please?

Gareth-Lee Smith
08-04-09, 08:04
Never mind, just found the other thread :rolleyes:

edit: And it seems that I used almost exactly the same scenario as on the site. Ho hum

Dickie E
08-04-09, 10:04
never mind. We'll look forward to you asking the same question again in 6 months. :D