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21-01-06, 20:01
This didn't happen in my game and please point me to the correct thread if this has already been posted previously.

Blue Kicker outside his own 22 kicks then is late tackled by Red.
Ball goes directly into touch.

What options?

Kick or kick of course as late tackle, but where is the second kick option?

I know what two options I'd like to give but would I be right, ok I 'll say them and you can kick me down in flames.
First option at late tackle point of contact, or 15 mtrs in from where ball went into touch?

22-01-06, 00:01
Law 10.4 (m) Late-charging the kicker. A player must not intentionally charge or obstruct an opponent who has just kicked the ball.
Penalty: The non-offending team may choose to take the penalty kick either at the place of infringement, where the ball lands, or where it was next played.
Place of infringement. If the infringement takes place in the kickerís in-goal, the penalty kick is taken 5 metres from the goal-line in line with the place of infringement but at least 15 metres from the touch-line. The non-offending team may also choose to take the penalty kick where the ball lands or is next played and at least 15 metres from the touchline.
Where the ball lands. If the ball lands in touch, the mark for the optional penalty kick is on the 15-metre line, in line with where it went into touch.If the ball lands within 15 metres of the touch-line, the mark is on the 15-metre line opposite where it landed.
If the ball lands in the in-goal, in touch-in-goal, or on or over the dead ball
line, the mark for the optional penalty kick is 5 metres from the goal-line, in line with the place where the ball crossed the goal-line and at least 15 metres from the touch-line.
If the ball hits a goal post or crossbar, the optional penalty kick is awarded where the ball lands on the ground.

Well done!

22-01-06, 03:01
And what would the signal for late tackle be?

22-01-06, 10:01
Crikey I'm getting the hang of this refing thing :D LOL.

First I'd bring my arm up to my neck, as the primary, then indicate options.

I've just looked in the law book and that signal is for a high tackle (foul play) so I assume it's OK for both?

Simon Griffiths
22-01-06, 18:01
It's also common place to hug an imaginary person in front of you - indicating the grasping action of a tackle, this seems to be universally recognised.

I can't see the high tackle signal in the Law book for anything other than a high tackle, but as you allude, I suppose it will be seen to be an illegal tackle.

22-01-06, 20:01
I tend not to bother with the option at this offence as no team is going to want the penalty further back (Unless there is a glaring advantage - ie in front of posts etc) as for the secondary signal I don't know what to use. The high tackle gives the wrong impression, but I cannot come up with a better option. Any one got any thoughts (OB)?

tim White
22-01-06, 20:01
Generally the shouts from the crowd and the opposition will tell everyone it was a late tackle - there is no secondary signal for a late tackle so use verbals. most late tackles warrant a short conversation anyway to show everyone you have seen it and want no repeat, and to allow tempers to cool and the injured party to recover . big, loud whistle and penalty signal -then lots of talking. Deliberate as opposed to reckless has got to be looking at a card.:eek:

23-01-06, 00:01
Surely you have to offer the option. It is their choice not yours, and they might surprise you. If you get out of the habit, you might forget just when it matters.

If you go through Law 10, you will find several offences for which there is no proper signal. It would be useful if there were a generic one for foul play. In this case I suggest it is a form of obstruction, so that is perhaps the most appropriate.

If you signal high tackle when it clearly is not, I doubt if the crowds will appreciate your dilemma.

Robert Burns
23-01-06, 16:01
I agree, just the primary penalty signal should be enough and then the warning/talking too. Everyone in the crowd will know what it's for.

Mike Whittaker
23-01-06, 18:01
Not wishing to be pedantic folks... (who is kidding, it is what we all love when it comes to law!!)

What is a 'late tackle' then? Can it be a 'tackle' if the player no longer has the ball? Reading law 10.4 m makes no mention of a 'tackle' as far as I can see...

It is important not to confuse this situation with that regarding any form of tackle, legal or otherwise..

Surprised at you OB!!:D

Simon Griffiths
23-01-06, 19:01
Good spot Mr Whittaker!

Well, to be fair to OB, he did allude to 'obstruction' - though not as explicitly as we would expect from the man. As you say, if it is a 'late tackle' then it is foul play, thus there is only the option of a PK at the place of infringement.

However, were you to call the offender's blatently dangerous disregard for the laws as 'obstruction', then you can offer the choice. (I.e. "By taking the player out late, you prevented him from chasing his kick - obstruction...").