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10-03-06, 13:03
Blues v yellows ....

game is niggly and bitchy .... yellows winning by a few points ... blues have one player sent off ... play continues ... ref pings blue player... ref calls blue player and captain over and is talking about sending second blue from the field ... blue captain says "if you send him off them i am taking my team off the pitch." .. ... Ref relents .... and play continues ...

tim White
10-03-06, 13:03
This is obviously a trick question, you don't discuss a sending off, you either do, or don't send a player off. you may then inform the captain as to why. One school of thought suggests that the player got himself sent off, you are merely doing the paperwork.

Second point, if a team wishes to leave the pitch then that is up to them, the sending off is not negotiable. once that decision is made you MUST stick to it, the disciplinary panel will decide if any additional punishment is to be awarded. if you back off now this, and every subsequent decision will be hotly contested in an effort to influence you.

now, was that the right answer or have I wandered into a soccer chat room by mistake?:mad:

Simon Thomas
10-03-06, 13:03
difficult to really know what took place without being there

what level of game ?
what age and experience of referee ?
what were the two sending off offences ? definite reds or borderline red / yellow ?
was there a management or safety problem in the match - real or preceived (especially by Blue !)

my view is the ref should not back down, and if blue team walk off so be it, report it all and let the organisers deal with it
ref must make decisions and stiock to them or he cannot retain any respect or authority

11-03-06, 10:03
well it was a level 9 match.....
reported to me by yellow captain the following week, post match while complimenting me on my perf ...:-)

and yes it was a bit of a trick question ... obviously if it was me i would have been strong and stuck with my decision ... but

two points i wanted to make from this though ...
1. just letting you know the standard of some reffing in my CB and ..
2. i just wanted to know (not having had that situation) what is the exact correct procedure/ process to deal with such a situation ....

Mike Whittaker
11-03-06, 12:03
Good case to show where strong management is essential... as you say ex-Lucy.

Have seen similar cases handled in many ways and the end result is more dependant upon the character of the ref than the precise procedure adopted.

One powerful character told the skipper that he had a free evening and would be quite happy to spend it writing out 15 sending off forms if they progressed to leaving the pitch without permission... 'your decison skipper!!'

Technically this is a dodgy approach, but putting the onus on the skipper did, in this case, do the trick.

11-03-06, 13:03
i like that .... probably wouldnt say it like that but something like ...

to the skipper:
"I havnt got much to do after the match, so i dont mind doing the relevant and necessary paperwork.... if....IF... we are to progress to the situation of you and your team leaving the pitch without permission... your decison skipper!!"
thanks again..

21-03-06, 22:03
well it was a level 9 match.....

is that H/M 1 or H/M 2 out of interest ex-lucy?


22-03-06, 15:03
Not sure I understand the point of discussing a Red card as a possibility. To my mind a Red card offence just happens, it's not the result of an accumulation of problems.

A Yellow card offence is a different matter.

If a side is one down after a red card, and the ref then discusses discipline with the captain and is told in effect "one (more) out, all out!" then the only possible response is "That's entirely up to you!"

23-03-06, 09:03
didds, Greene King Merit Table .. both 1st xvs are in London 1, this was a 3rd xv match ...