View Full Version : League Season underway

League mate
10-03-04, 21:03
For the last 20 odd years I have played and thoroughly enjoyed the game of Rugby Union , but with the onset of niggling injuries I had to pull myself away from the dearly loved game .

I gave myself a new challenge last season of reffing Rugby League ,and the game is completely different . Challenging and very rewarding but at times frustrating .

Now in my quest for the different nuances of the game i'm looking to see if their are any other League ref's about? I have my level 2 here in NZ but only half a season of reffing experience up my sleeve. How 'bout it lads and ladies any one there ?

Robert Burns
10-03-04, 22:03
Welcome to the forums, there are a few league refs just joined, if you could give me a list of forums which may be of use to league refs, please just let me know and i'll put them up.

Mike Whittaker
07-07-05, 15:07
Just checking if posts accepted on this forum.....