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Simon Griffiths
12-03-06, 19:03
I noticed a slight update on the RFU's website following yet another pathetic performance from Robinson's England ;) :

12-03-06, 20:03
Let's be fair: whatever Robinson did or did not do, the performance on the pitch by the players was well below the standard expected of even badly prepared international players.

Robert Burns
12-03-06, 20:03
No, Keep him until at least after the world cup!!! Give the man a chance!!



Simon Griffiths
12-03-06, 20:03
I'm in that (seemingly fairly large group) that believe he should not have been appointed in the first pace.

Today's match was just atrocious - naivity, abysmal skill levels (from both sides) etc. Makes me wish it was on yesterday, when I was refereeing some higher quality players in a merit table game!

Such a long string of mediocrity from the reigning world champions has to be down to something more than poor performances from players on the pitch. Robinson has shown as much ambition as someone who's just been offered a place at South Droitwich Polytechnic! The line-up he picks is generally one-dimensional (and the same week-in, week-out). We have a strong pack which supplies very good ball most of the time, so take a chance, play someone with some skills outside. Where are the likes of Simpson-Daniel and Abbott (now that he's back).

Granted we put in some good performances over the Autumn, but that has been it since the World Cup. Something's got to give, and if the players who are performing a poor game plan poorly won't, the coach that keeps picking them, and telling them to play that poor game plan has got to instead.

Simon Griffiths
26-11-06, 18:11
Now, OB, I don't wish to say I told you so... :rolleyes: ;)

But I will anyway. :D

26-11-06, 18:11
the performance on the pitch by the players was well below the standard expected of even badly prepared international players.I stand by that statement even now.

That is not an excuse for incompetence elsewhere.

It was indeed a poor match. England were that much poorer than South Africa, who told the world that they could not break down our defence by taking 4 drop goals. Farcical.

27-11-06, 13:11
England's performance was not as good as it should be - but there are hopes. There seems to be a lot of confusion about the type of game they are trying play - and they are clearly well beyond their comfort zone.

This will result in losing games, until the players and coaches get the understanding right. I would hate to see us go back into forward shell - we know England can do the forward thing, we have a pack that can win ball - possession stats are good

But possession is only part of the answer - sides like the ABs don't need to keep possession - they simply use what they get to devastating effect.

It is scoring points that counts. The more fluid game which England say the want to play is the right approach - but it needs players who are more comfortable handling the ball thatn many of the current squad. Forwards especially seem to be super strong, gym trained gladiators; but who do not seem to be able to pass with confidence, or accuracy - indeed ball skills are a whole lot worse in the squad than in -say - the AB squad.

Watching the AB forwards passing out of the tackle to one of 3 or more teammates who are in close support and getting behind the defense, from "simple" quick ball is awsome. ("simple" is in quotes because, frankly, it is anything but.)

England seem to want to do these things - but currently don't have players with the right skills - and developng the skills and attitude will take time.

Probably about 5 years.

Trouble is, what will the others have moved onto by then?

27-11-06, 22:11
I stand by that statement even now.

and I would agree with every word of it OB.


29-11-06, 14:11
So did Robbo resign, or was he pushed? Who cares?

Personally, I hope that they don't recruit a replacement, and instead promote Brian Ashton to "primus inter pares" among the existing coaches. By all means get Johnno to wind 'em up before a match, but I hope for his sake that he is not approached to coach through this mess, or alternatively, that he has the good sense to pass that particular poisoned chalice if it's offered

Wert Twacky
29-11-06, 15:11
Robbo was pushed in my opinion and it took so long because of the severance deal.
I'm no expert in HQ matters, but Francis Baron pulled off a masterstroke by appointing an Eilte Director of Rugby in Andrew - he can now wash his hands of the on-the-pitch matters and take responsibilty for the corporate/commercial/business side. He'll be at HQ for a long time.

29-11-06, 15:11

Robbo was pushed - he makes it clear.

Mike Whittaker
29-11-06, 22:11
Why should Robbo have walked away? As a player he never did; when he had a job on the pitch he did it to his best until he was replaced. Same now. Good for him! Hopefully he will get paid for the rest of his contract and go where he is appreciated, and that won't take long.

As for the England team we have a nation of tired out or injured players. No technical coaching or motivation is going to make them a world beater. Until the league system is drastically changed, and that isn't going to happen in the near future we might as well accept our place as a division 2 nation.

Being a Sale supporter I have little to be pleased about. :(

Simon Griffiths
29-11-06, 23:11
Don't worry Mike, I don't think the RFU will take either of Gloucester's greats off you. ;) (That's Phillipe and Kingsley...)

Mike Whittaker
29-11-06, 23:11
They certainly have done a great job for Sale, I will give you that .... (didn't know France was in Gloucestershire though...)

Seriously the England set up could do worse than look in the direction of France to bring a bit of flair and imagination into the game.... maybe to work with the backs??

Simon Griffiths
30-11-06, 00:11
We were his first English club! Where he made the transition to coach no less! I reckon he'd do a very good job - doubtless selecting an entire England team from Division 1 that would then win the Six Nations (the number of players he signed for us who were completely unheard of, even in France, was astounding (e.g. Ludo Mercier)! An exceptional talent spotter).

Whether the Welshman would accept a job with England is doubtful though! :D

Personally, I think we should appoint an Englishman to the job - I've never liked appointing foreigners to coaching roles - they couldn't play for England, so why let them coach? Look at the trouble it got Scotland into, finally getting back on track... with a Scot at the helm.

Simon Thomas
30-11-06, 10:11
A Welshman take on the English job - choke, splutter, cough .............................why would anyone want it ?