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14-03-06, 10:03
I had my first 7s game on Sunday and I was asked a question before the game by the one captain : Can he have three men in their lineouts + the scrum half? Not that I think it makes any difference, but it was U19 level. Any thoughts?

I agreed to allow it as there is no law against that (as far as I understand they need at least 2 players in the lineout + receiver). So part 2, the other team is allowed to have less players in the line, but not more. So the opposition only put in 2 players.

Play on? I did. But I just wanted to check.

14-03-06, 14:03
Spot on. There is no maximum for the throwing side. He could have had one guy throwing in and all six others in the line. And very astute by the other side - no need to match the numbers and compromise your defence out wide.