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20-03-06, 13:03
Watching the S14 Bulls v Hurricanes last Friday an incident occurred that set me thinking… and now I need some help to conclude the thinking.

Ball kicked through and bounces into in goal. An attacking player chasing dives onto the ball
- if the ball is on the floor and the player lands on it with the 'front of the player's body from waist to neck' – it is a try
- but what if ball is in the air and the player's body (no hands/no knock on) takes the ball to ground?

TMO decision was 'No try' ball not under control.

20-03-06, 14:03
A discussion which sums up the overall comments can be found here (http://www.planet-rugby.com/Off_The_Field/Laws_And_Referees/Law_Discussions/story_49757.shtml). Well worth the read.

For what it's worth, the TMO that made the call has been sacked from the S14 Panel. You can read about that one here (http://www.planet-rugby.com/Off_The_Field/Laws_And_Referees/Law_Discussions/story_49800.shtml).

21-03-06, 20:03
There have been a few questionable TMO calls in the 6N.

Maybe those who made them should have the same treatment??

Mat 04
22-03-06, 13:03
Yes, Eric Darriere, I'm astounded he gave that try for Italy, Im convinced (along with many others) that it was on the dead ball line.

The one with Ireland and Wales aswell, cant remember the TMO's name, he was south african though I think. Called Jonathan Kaplan "Kappy", then ballsed up the decision - answer?? dont let the C grades do anything lol.

tim White
22-03-06, 13:03
The Italy try probably came into the "No reason NOT to give it" category that they apply to TV rugby. Got to keep the sponsors happy.

I'm sure we could all accept "unable to be certain, even with all these cameras" but not a mistaken call at this level.