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Brian Ravenhill
20-03-06, 14:03
March 17th

Quote from RFU

"The Rugby Football Union Council today supported a resolution submitted by First Division Rugby to increase the size of National League One next season.

The resolution read: “That with effect in season 2006-07 National League One shall comprise 16 clubs. To achieve this at the end of season 2005-06 no clubs will be relegated from national League One for this season only and two clubs will be promoted as usual from National League Two.”

Council voted 44 to two in favour of the resolution with one abstention.

Promotion in the National Leagues is not affected by today's Council decision, as outlined in the summary below.

The team finishing top of National One is promoted to the Guinness Premiership and the teams finishing 13th and 14th will not be relegated at the end of the 2005/06 season.

The top two teams in National Two are promoted, teams finishing 12th and 13th are now not relegated, the team finishing 14th is relegated.

The top team in both National Three North and National Three South is promoted. The teams finishing second in each division play-off for the final place in National Two

The top teams in South West One, London One are promoted into National Three South and the top teams in Midlands One and North One are promoted into National Three North. The teams in 11th and 12th place in SW1, L1, M1 and N1 are relegated along with two of the four teams finishing in 10th place decided on playing record. "

So in essence
Nat 1 gains 2 clubs to 16 clubs
Nat 2 remains the same at 14 clubs (2 up, 1 down)
Nat 3 lose 3 clubs promoted top from N & S plus play off winner
Divisonal lose 4 clubs promoted top from N SW L & M and lose a total of 10 clubs religated 2 from N SW L & M and next worse 2 accross divisions.

Question 1) Is there religation from Nat 3 the statement does not mention it?
Question 2) How will the 14 places at divisional level be filled?

20-03-06, 18:03
Ah yes. The consistency of a nice cup of Horlicks.

Simon Griffiths
20-03-06, 19:03
Oh no! Let's not get started on consistency again! I personally prefer a cup-a-soup (admittidly it's not Horlicks) to be quite thick.

tim White
21-03-06, 14:03
All cup-a-soups are different, its only natural. But the soup has to be consistent from start to finish and it should flow well.

Wert Twacky
21-03-06, 16:03
Ah cup-a-soup, a hug in a mug. I like the thick ones with crutons in myself, but dislike intensley any mess/residue left in the bottom of the mug.:mad:

Robert Burns
22-03-06, 00:03

Subject of league restructuring please, there are other forums for cup a soup threads, lol.

Robert Burns
09-04-06, 01:04
Any more news on this?

17-04-06, 15:04
Anyone know how it affects the bottom of Level 6 too? Have heard things along the lines of the 2 teams in 10th with the best playing record will get a reprieve though I can't quite work it out.

17-04-06, 16:04
The word from our County rep is that at each level, two teams will not be relegated. That means two teams from ALL leagues at that level (not two teams in each league).

For County level leagues, CBs can re-organise as best suits local conditions.