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28-09-09, 09:09
yesterday I had situation: blue kick the ball and it hit red player as it went low, blue who was in front of the kicker took the ball and ran. I said: play on. But did I have to penalty blue player for the offside, because the law says:
In general play, there are three ways by which an offside player can be put onside by an
action of the opposing team. These three ways do not apply to a player who is offside under
the 10-Metre Law.
(a) Runs 5 metres with ball. When an opponent carrying the ball runs 5 metres, the offside
player is put onside.
(b) Kicks or passes. When an opponent kicks or passes the ball, the offside player is put
(c) Intentionally touches ball. When an opponent intentionally touches the ball but does not
catch it, the offside player is put onside.
So it wasn't intentionally touch and he was offside?

28-09-09, 11:09
I suppose this is covered by 11.4 (f) as a charge down, but that merely means the 10 metre law does not apply. Normal offside law still does, so the Blue player was indeed offside.

Phil E
28-09-09, 11:09
Where was the red player standing in relation to the kicker?

How far away?
Was he facing towards or away from the kicker?

28-09-09, 13:09
Red player was 7 m. away. Running to Blue kicker. No movement as a blocker was done.

29-09-09, 13:09
Red player was 7 m. away. Running to Blue kicker. No movement as a blocker was done.

Then the Blue player in front of the kicker was offside.

30-09-09, 10:09
Sounds like the ball hit him rather than he attempted to charge it down - so the touch was not intentional, so Blue player offside.

However it may be difficult to tell if a charge down intent was there or not - and if it was a charge down then Blue is not offside.

Go with your instinct.

30-09-09, 11:09
A charge down is considered to be intentionally touching the ball, so that puts the kicker's team-mate onside. 11.4 (f) ensures the 10m law does not confuse matters - it does not apply to a charge down.

However I have an insuperable difficulty describing a player 7m away and making no effort as charging the ball down.

30-09-09, 11:09
Maybe he made the effort to get within 7m in order to be in a position to block the kick - if the kick is low and he doesn't need to raise his arms in the classic gesture why should he do so.

By running hard to be in a position to block a kick why is not credited with a charge down?

I would agree that if he is simply stood there, and especially if he tries to avoid being struck, that he has not charged down.

But I would need to judge each case on its merits - in this case we are told the blocker was running towards the kicker and got to about 7m away, he didn't make a blocking gesture, but what is the need for that if the kick is low, get close, get in the way and leave the rest to nature - I can accept that as a charge down.