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13-10-09, 13:10
Gents, a quetion that I am sure that you have all been asked, however I need some guidance please.

Whilst refereeing an U19's match on Saturday I was berated by a coach over my time keeping. Afetr reading the variation in the Law Book I think I am right.

The law book states that a maximum of 70 minutes playing time should be played.

My interpretation of that law means I stop the clock for injuries, so the actual time could read 40 mins, however there has only been 35 mins of playing time. The coach told me that it was 35 mins regardless that is played, and the clock isn't stopped for injuries.

Could someone please clear up this point for me please.

13-10-09, 13:10
You were perfectly correct. The coach is talking rubbish. Perhaps suggest he buys a law book before the next game!

13-10-09, 13:10
I thought as much, thank you sgoat, you have now made me a very happy referee:clap:

Greg Collins
13-10-09, 13:10
wot sgoat said. 70 minutes of PLAY and the clock is stopped.

(unless in Adult rugby one side are a cricket score up and playing a team of vets in which case you will be begged to let the clock run and would be compassionate to do so I think.)

Simon Thomas
13-10-09, 13:10

you are totally correct - coach is talking rubbish, and this is another well known urban myth

13-10-09, 16:10
I got caught by this a couple of years ago. You can stop the clock for injuries, but not for other reasons such as water breaks or waiting for a parent to retrieve the ball from a cow pat in the next field. You were right, he was wrong, ergo law 6.A.4(a).

13-10-09, 16:10
That is exatly how I was keeping the time stuart.

13-10-09, 21:10
Of course, it's possible things are different in Wales..

The coach may* have been right. It wouldn't hurt to check with your society.

*I doubt it. But doesn't do any harm to check.

Account Deleted
21-10-09, 14:10
Same in Wales and all clubs and refs were told, in writing, as few seasons back.

Phil E
21-10-09, 14:10
Urban myth number 3,746.

All coaches talk row-locks.

21-10-09, 17:10
I refereed at festival two seasons ago - U11 - where the time schedule was so congested the organisers absolutely INSISTED in the refs briefing that there could be no injury time under any circs.

They were playing something really short like 7 mins e/w in the pool games and I watched my own U11s (I wasn't reffing that one obviously) one (lucky) try to nil up, under lots of pressure, when 2 mins into 2nd half one of the oppo players went down with an injury.

After five minutes of treatment I nudged our our head coach who reminded the ref of the no-injury time ruling and the ref reluctantly, but dutifully, blew for full time.

The oppo coach - who was taken completely by surprise - was FURIOUS. I was glad I wasn't the one with the whistle.

Later I reffed the first semi-final. Before the game started I agreed with the two coaches that now the pool games were over we WERE playing injury time.

I am not sure if, techniclly, I should have done that, but it seemed right.

the whole experience was very unsatisfactory.

Account Deleted
21-10-09, 19:10
As you say, most unsatisfactory.

27-10-09, 09:10
As you say most unsatisfactory.

I have attended mini festivals where the timekeeping is done centrally with a hooter and there is only about 5 minutes of turnaround time between matches.

Playing only 7 minutes per half any loss of time due to injury etc can have a massive impact on the result.