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15-10-09, 11:10
Guys, I know we’ve kicked this one around before, but I couldn’t find the old fred for it and not sure it got bottomed out anyway?

If you give a PK to a defending side say, 2m from their own line where is the kick taken? I know if they then choose a scrum that must be taken on the 5m, likewise if you give a PK in-goal that is also taken on the 5m but what about the PK given as above:chin: ?

15-10-09, 11:10
2m from their goal line.

The 5m rule only applies to the opponents' goal line.

Phil E
15-10-09, 11:10
As OB said.

Penalty given inside the 5m.

Attacking penalty, on the 5.
Defending penalty, place of infringement.

21.2 refers.

15-10-09, 12:10
If the PK is awarded to the defending side in in-goal do they have to take the kick 5m out from the GL aswell?

15-10-09, 15:10
I gave a FK (mark) in the in goal the other day ... defending captain was beside himself ... "must be on the 5m"

Greg Collins
15-10-09, 16:10
twice this week in two separate games with no common players... both pings against attack 1m in front of defense goal line

"where are you going?" "5m's out Sir" :nono::nono::nono: "the mark is here!"

Ex-lucy.... I've always taken 21.2 b to mean the mark for a pen or FK can't be in goal. Best that defense lure attackers into in goal

(a) The kicker must take the penalty or free kick at the mark or anywhere behind it on a line through the mark. If the place for a penalty or free kick is within 5 metres of the opponents’ goal line, the mark for the kick is 5 metres from the goal line, opposite the place of infringement.
(b) When a penalty or free kick is awarded for an infringement in in-goal, the mark for the kick is in the field of play, 5 metres from the goal line, in line with the place of infringement.
Penalty: Any infringement by the kicker’s team results in a scrum at the mark. The opposing team throws in the ball.

15-10-09, 16:10
Black attacking against white.

Black get to 2m out from the white try line. White player comes in the side and kills the ball. PK 5m out

Black get to 2m out from the white try line. Black player comes in the side and kills the ball. PK 2m out

15-10-09, 17:10
Greg Collins - Law 21.2 does not apply to a Mark because it is not a free kick awarded for an infringement. Law 18 says:
"The kick is awarded at the place of the mark."

We have had other threads about whether or not tapping and touching down gives you a 22 (it doesn't) and the situation has arisen in TV games.

Greg Collins
15-10-09, 17:10
good I shall remember that!