View Full Version : Carry Belt For Radio

15-04-06, 15:04
As i progress i am in more need for a belt to carry the radios i am getting. Does anyone know where i can purchase these belts as clips onto the back of the shorts is not proving enough.


15-04-06, 15:04
This might sound daft but....

I'm diabetic and wear a carrypack that is neoprene. Two pouches.

If you go to any of the Pump companies - minimed or animas, they'll link you.

Chris Picard
16-04-06, 23:04
I use a neoprene CD carrier from CaseLogic. Rather inexpensive and comfortable.

tim White
18-04-06, 13:04
Or try these neoprene pouches http://www.shorelinecases.co.uk/pdapouch.htm

Good luck everyone.