View Full Version : Leinster Vs Scarlets

16-04-06, 20:04
In the Celtic League game between the Scarlets and Leinster the other night, the referee gave a try which i think may have been a bit dodgy. Linster pack maul over the Scarlets try line, ball is nowhere to be seen. Referee does his best to see the ball, then blows his whistle, lifts players out of the pile that had been formed, looks for the ball, then gives the try.

What does everyone else think about this, a good call or a dodgy decision??

16-04-06, 23:04
It was how it used to be done. These days they usually refer it to the TMO, usually unsuccessfully. If the players cooperate with you, then why not bring it back?

16-04-06, 23:04
If you can award a penalty try when it would "probably" have been scored, why not an actual try on the basis that it "probably" was scored? Otherwise all the defenders have to do is obscure sight of the ball.