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20-04-06, 23:04
Can anyone answer why those that referee the game at the English premiership (and levels above)allow players to loiter either side of rucks when they are not bound in to the ruck and in front of the back foot???

I often see the said "Guards" putting the first tackles in on those "pick and drives" close to the side of the rucks.....does it matter??? If this is not important why are there off side lines at the ruck.... or should the law be re-written to accomodate this practice???

Simon Thomas
21-04-06, 10:04
An all to frequent question - why are GP and Intl referees inconsistent in application of Laws that would lead to a Community level Referee being marked down by his Assessor, and / or a tirade from coaches.

21-04-06, 18:04
there's only one person that can be asked these questions - the bloke wot looks after all the top line refs.

Though to be fair to them I do not see GP refs permitting defensive guards loitering in front of the back foot.


17-05-06, 20:05
Premiership games are entertainment. It is not good television to have a lot of penalties. That is why you also see hands in the ruck. I cannot count how many times I have seen a ball carrier on the ground HAND the ball to a scrumhalf at the end of a ruck. Just remember As with S14 and Heineken less penalties = better TV - best not to use these games as complete referreeing lessons, rather take segments from them as learning tools such as positioning, signalling and especially communication.