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09-05-06, 04:05
Ok, let's have it out...who agrees with the SANZAR judiciary on the 1 week suspension given to Gregan for the tackle, when on the same day, a Rugby League player got 10 weeks for exactly the same thing?

Must say everyone is in uproar here, as the inconsistency of the SANZAR judiciary is becoming a joke...Rocky Elsom gets 4 weeks for throwing punches at a Bulls forward, and the punches did not even connect....(irrelevant, I know, but you get the idea)...a NZ forward gets 2 weeks ban for rucking a player who had dived over the ball (rucking, not stomping)...and a spear tackle is ONE lousy week???

yes, OB, I am waiting for you to bring out your Lions jersey, you Brian O'Driscoll doll and start the argument on him all over again :) , but whereas I am definitely NOT an All Blacks supporter, I can say that at least in that tackle there were two people involved, independently cleaning out the ruck and thus lost control of the situation, and no spear was intended (let's face it, when you have people like Umaga and Mealamu, you dont need to make spear tackles to make an impact)....but Gregan has no excuse, he knew what he was doing, and he was in full sight at all times, and the SANZAR must be consistent!

09-05-06, 08:05
the thought process behind the judiciary (well the excuse they are using) is Gregan's previously clean sheet.

Still as an avid Waratahs supporter the Elsom incident was a joke when you look back at it now!

09-05-06, 09:05
I haven't seen the Gregan tackle, nor have I seen an official report from the hearing.

I think you are mis-remembering my views of the O'Driscoll incident. I do not believe there was a concerted attempt to injure him. I think Mealamu and Umaga were acting independently, and the actual outcome was unintended. However both were acting illegally. Umaga was offside, standing alongside what had been a ruck (ball had gone) when he bent down and picked up O'Driscoll's legs. Mealamu had joined the ruck legally, but then unbound and went for O'Driscoll, taking him at the same time as Umaga. Neither was entitled to "tackle" him as he did not have the ball.

The actual injury was out of proportion to the offences (as was Abbott's broken leg following a trip by Betsen, for example). I have little doubt that both payers thought they saw an opportunity to let O'Driscoll know they were there, but things went wrong because neither expected the other to be there, and they lost control.

The TJ certainly saw what happened, but after shouting at them to leave O''Driscoll alone, he did nothing further. I don't understand that.

It was also a pity that Umaga and Mealamu did not express regret at the outcome.

09-05-06, 10:05
i was reffing a u15s match the other day when a tackler picked up the ball carrier and dumped him hard downwards towards hard ground. I immediately blew up and explained to tackler that it was dangerous .... it is ... but i dont really expect anyoneto cite the player nor did i really think about pulling out a card.
Rugby is a collision sport. Yes, we owe some duty of care to fellow players but .. by pulling on ya jersey you do expect some collisions and some risk of danger and hurt.
I havnt seen the Gregan incident (hopefully we shall see it on Thursday on 'The Rugby Club') but cant help thinking that if refs (and TJs) dealt with it harshly there and then we wouldnt have such an outcry.

09-05-06, 12:05
Well, let me describe it a bit...Highlanders hard in attack, got an overlap on the right hand side, their winger carts the ball up and Gregan is the only defender on the spot, with Gitau running across in cover.

The winger ran straight at Gregan who tackled him in the waist, standing his ground and immediately used the momentum of the winger to lift him up high in the air by putting both his arms behind the winger's thighs.

At the same time, Gitau arrived and "helped"....the winger by now was "lineout high" in the air, and Gregan's arms motions told that he moved the winger's legs out, which meant the winger's upper torso came crushing down in a spear motion, with Gregan still holding onto his legs.

This was beyond seriously dangerous, and it is quite sickening to view on replay, as the winger came crashing vertically and heavily on his head.

In my view Gregan should have been sent off.

I agree that Rugby is a contact sport (I have used the words "it is not exactly netball" to players before), but all players have a duty towards sportsmanship, one thing is to lift and dump a player in the process of a tackle, sure, I have had my sternum cracked in one such tackle years ago (it still makes a loud crack when I stretch in the mornings) and I thought nothing of it, but to lift a player high, pull his legs so you KNOW he will be coming down head first, is beyond negligent from the player's point of view, and there MUST be a strong stance that says "it will not be tolerated".

The point is, if you want to set up a judicial system that says it is cracking down on foul play to attract more people towards a safe and fun contact sport, then you want the same judiciary that gives 4 weeks for a punch and 2 weeks for a rucking to give something more than 1 week to a tackle that is illegal in every book, it is also a reckless action and could cause permanent damage to the other player.