View Full Version : Welcome to our new Referees

Robert Burns
09-05-06, 22:05
Hello and welcome to our new referees from the South East Rugby Referees Society and elsewhere.

Apologies for taking so long to give you your referee status however work if a bit much at the moment and the company has blocked me from accessing this site :(

But hope the site serves you well and we see a good input from you guys (and maybe girls).

11-05-06, 10:05
Robbie - SE Society? Is this a UK soc?


Robert Burns
11-05-06, 21:05
Nope American.

For a list of all the UK societies use the links at the top of the page, I believe we have the largest list of online Referees societies in existance.


11-05-06, 23:05
Just beats Hants list!!

The new Cambridge site is on the RFU pages and not the link you have listed, unfortunately I can't remember the link currently.

Simon Thomas
11-05-06, 23:05
Well it's about time someone caught up - ours has been there for three years !

11-05-06, 23:05
This is true, I will give you both the CUDRRS site link on the Community Pages when I golook for it.

12-05-06, 01:05
WE've got a new site coming online soon, I'll link you once it's active.