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Simon Griffiths
10-05-06, 18:05

Finally, LearnRugbyLaws.com is back, up and running as if it had never left us! (OK, slightly altered).

Thank you to Robert who is hosting the site alongside RugbyRefs.com (I suppose they are officially sister sites?). Also to Alan Weston (a useful Aussie, there's a novelty ;) ) who managed to sort out the mangled code that was stopping the quiz part of the site from working.

Well, all is well in the world and I have one less thing to worry about now... leaving another 999 or so to check off the list now...

NB. Oh yes, there is one slight problem, I can't get the random number to work for Question 1, so the first question is always the same, however, everything else is perfectly random.


Simon Thomas
11-05-06, 12:05
Well done Simon G !

I will add a link on Hampshire's web site to keep them all ticking over during the summer

Robert Burns
11-05-06, 21:05
New LRL Forum for LRL stuff will be up in about 10 mins.

Robert Burns
11-05-06, 21:05
LRL Forum for LRL stuff will be up in about 10 mins.

Simon Griffiths
16-05-06, 23:05
another 999 or so to check off the list now...
*completed payments for charity challenge - 998 to check off,
*completed arrangements for 6th Form v Staff cricket match - 997,
*provisionally confirmed (along with staff member) next years junior ski trip - 996,
*passed AIB today :) - 995 still to check off,

Still to come - lots of exams/revision... all good fun... well BBQ and Lake District post-exams will be! :D

Boyd Barker
24-05-06, 18:05
Everything looks great Simon. Well done!

Simon Griffiths
24-05-06, 18:05
Welcome to rugbyrefs Boyd. Thanks for the great site to take over - it must have taken for ever to transcribe all of those questions and answers on the database.

Hope everything's fine over in Texas at the moment. We've just had our big cricket match rained off! :(

24-05-06, 20:05
It is getting hot and it will get worse.

Wert Twacky
25-05-06, 12:05
Hi Chef

How is Texas? And Dallas? :D

25-05-06, 12:05
Well todays high is 94f and clear.The bad part is,it is only going to get hotter but thdallas is OK.I would rather be in England.I am work on coming back in the Fall.

Robert Burns
06-06-06, 23:06
Where about do you go to? (In the UK that is)