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Robert Burns
07-12-03, 16:12
I have been struggling for the past week with an injury I have never had before, my shins are quite painful, not to touch, but just in general.

I have not taken a knock or anything, but it seems to just be there, not sure why though.

Anyone else ever had this, and if so can you shed any light on how to get rid of it and keep it away?


07-12-03, 23:12
Bobby, do you find the pain gets worse as you are exercising? Does it feel sometimes as if your lower leg muscles are tightening up too much? (Sounds like what I had twenty years ago).

If so then you could be developing stress fractures - it's what stopped me getting into the Royal Marines, stop running immediately - play squash and swim. Keeps you fit but reduces the stresses on the lower leg. And don't road run, always train on grass. Trust me, I learned the hard way lol !

Shaun / Jester (just checking the site out and saw your post lol)..

Robert Burns
08-12-03, 04:12
I find it gets sore just walking around sometimes, and then can just dissapear and i'm ok, and then it will come back, not always after a game either, sometimes can come back in the middle of the week.

Hope it's not fractures, and lucky enough i don't road run anyway, but was about to start training in the gym, so will keep off the treadmill for the moment.

Robert Burns
09-12-03, 00:12
After looking up various sites depeicting shin splints, it looks like you are right Shaun. so lucky for me I'm out till 10 Jan anyway, however lots of ice packs and rest for me. Some chance with 3 kids running about. lol