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06-07-06, 14:07
This weekend sees the first round of the 2006 Tri-Nations tournament with a match between Aus and NZ. In a bid to attract a few more dull-witted Aussie rugby league fans, the Orstrayan TV channel broadcasting the game has created a promo which, ahem, breathes new life into the May 2006 story of former captain Tana Umaga breaking up a nightclub fight which featured fledgling All Blacks flanker Chris Masoe... by hitting him with a woman's handbag.

Those crazy Aussies and their wacky sense of humour...here's a brief clip:


Apparently there have already been 'complaints' about cultural insensitivity from po-faced Kiwi luminaries...

Masoe, by the way, was reported at the time to have burst into tears when Umaga belted him. They breed 'em tough down there.

Simon Thomas
06-07-06, 18:07
Now that is very very very funny !