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27-07-06, 14:07
Question 38 - Type: Scenario Question
Question Reference Number: 149
Gold #14 kicks ahead. Gold #8 was in front of #14 when he kicked and begins retreating. Gold #8 is five meters from Blue #9. The ball goes ten meters beyond Blue #9, bounces off of a goal-post, and is caught by Blue #9 where he stood. Blue #9 then passes off to Blue #10. Gold #8 tackles Blue #10. What do you do?

The correct answer is: B.
Award a penalty kick to Blue where Gold #8 tackled Blue #10.

11.4b & 11.4e : While moving away, a player who is off-side under the 10-Meter Law cannot be put on-side by any action of the opposing team. The 10-Meter Law is not altered by the fact that the ball hit a goal-post or crossbar. What matters is where the ball lands. The penalty is a penalty kick.

Is this correct? Another choice was D:
B. Award a penalty kick to Blue where Gold #8 tackled Blue #10.
C. Award a scrum, with Blue throwing-in, where Gold #14 kicked the ball.
D. Offer an option of either B or C.

Looking at the new law book, page 47, it is under 11.4 (f) {no penalty for the charge down} that the penalty for Offsides in General Play is discussed. "... the opposing team chooses either a penalty kick at the place of infringement or a scrum at the place where the offending team last played the ball."

It appears to me that in the above question the choice would be to blue, kick or scrum up. Am I incorrect?

27-07-06, 14:07
I would give the choice of scrum forward or Pk ot pointwhere the ballwas caught.

27-07-06, 16:07
There is an oddity in Law 11.4. The section about a penalty following 11.4 (f) surely has more general application than just that paragraph. The other paragraphs about the 10-metre law only offer a penalty as a sanction.

I suppose there is a case for offering the choice, but I do not find it compelling. I cannot see any team taking the scrum under the circumstances.

27-07-06, 23:07
I could see them taking the scrum if they had a stronger pack and Gold 14 had kicked from the 50 meter line.