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  1. flashing in the scrum

    the scrum now being properly set .......I can forsee hookers
    flashing at an invisible ball . Therefore the question being when can a hooker flash ? I believe its when balls past the prop !
  2. are referees cheats ?

    Dylan Hartley was crucified for mentioning the word ; however
    todays referee at Brumbies/Lions was debatable to be polite !
    His decisions at the breakdown were different to every other game so far on tour and on super15's .......
    Not once did a brumbies player roll away from a tackle ! We all stand by our refs BUT in some cases you can understand their arguments .
  3. termination of a referee

    I joined the london society 3 years ago and reached a level10 standard but despite attempts to ask for promotion or ask questions I have been perceived as being rude and arrogant .
    Without a hearing or meeting I have been despatched an emailed saying my registration has been withdrawn for reasons which i would dispute if allowed to .
    I enjoyed a good playing career including national leagues and coached 1st xv level up to LONDON 2 ; so with 30 years experience felt I had something ...
  4. How long a piece of string

    as the season draws to a close I have just 1 annoying point and that is travel .
    I currently hold a level 11+1 and have enjoyed games this year ranging from 15 to a high level 9 .
    My gripe is that my society think that its ok to send me on a almost 100mile round trip to referee an level 12 match .
    My argument is first the cost in petrol and secondly at this level there must be a nearer referee ?
    I attempt to include "common sense " while reffing but after complaining ...
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