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I've wanted to referee for as long as I can remember, recently I have noticed that instead of ball watching during a game I am ref watching, ( which I must admit has led to almost being run over by oversized forwards on more than one occasion ).

So as a player, coach and father I seemed to spend most weekends especially Sundays at the rugby club. Finally I made the decision to add the refereeing skill to my book, through the club I booked on an ELRA course which I would recommend to everyone who was thinking about it, I know Im preaching to the converted but it was a definite eye opener.

Jumping in at the deep end, as soon as I got home after completing said course I fired of an email to my local referee society expressing my interest for referring the next available match. I got a kind reply stating the next monthly meeting place,date and time. With the enticing extra of a special guest speaker being one of the premiership referees I have placed that date in my diary.

To get to the ending of my first week I have spoken to my youth chair and organised to referee an under tens team, which I have been reliable reassured will please the coach who would otherwise have to do it himself. So as long as I survive the massacre of under 10s I will recall my experience.

I think the waiting is the worst

  1. Self - Evaluation

    I did not have the best start to this season, I was supposed to run the Bournemouth marathon on the 6th of October but in the first friendly of the season I managed to break my MCL off my knee leading me to 8 weeks off. this gave me the opportunity I was waiting for to finish my ELRA. my first game was offered from my club after the society ref wasn't available and I jumped at it. my positioning was poor, my whistle technique was dire and I just wasn't running anywhere, well it wasn't the start ...