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  1. In Goal Question can you help??

    I'm a new referee and I've got a law question that i just don't seem to be able to get my head around.Law 22.7 (a) states that when an attacking player sends or carries the ball into the opponents’ in-goal and it becomes dead there, either because a defender grounded it or because it went into touch-in-goal or on or over the dead ball line, a drop-out is awarded. I get that, but how is that different than Law 22.8
    If a team kicks the ball through their opponents’ in-goal into touch-in-goal ...
  2. are referees cheats ?

    Dylan Hartley was crucified for mentioning the word ; however
    todays referee at Brumbies/Lions was debatable to be polite !
    His decisions at the breakdown were different to every other game so far on tour and on super15's .......
    Not once did a brumbies player roll away from a tackle ! We all stand by our refs BUT in some cases you can understand their arguments .
  3. termination of a referee

    I joined the london society 3 years ago and reached a level10 standard but despite attempts to ask for promotion or ask questions I have been perceived as being rude and arrogant .
    Without a hearing or meeting I have been despatched an emailed saying my registration has been withdrawn for reasons which i would dispute if allowed to .
    I enjoyed a good playing career including national leagues and coached 1st xv level up to LONDON 2 ; so with 30 years experience felt I had something ...
  4. Wales v NZ

    Quote Originally Posted by menace View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Ian_Cook View Post
    Yes, I see it as a defence against a striking charge!

    A high-tackle would not normally get a red card whereas striking could get a red card (and therefore a suspension)

    Once again, I am not saying this is what happened, I'm saying that is how I would be defending it.

    (Putting it this way allows me to have an opinion without being continually misrepresented. The additional bold emphasis to assist those who habitually skim posts without reading them fully)
  5. Advice please

    Blue eight makes a run and is stopped by gold eight but both players stay on their feet. He manages to turn , shielding the ball, but is temporarily isolated from his team mates. No maul has formed
    Gold five runs around blue eight and attempts to rip away the ball, thereby obstructing blues arriving team mates from assisting. The ball is trapped until gold eight wrestles him to the ground.
    My question is whether gold five is offside or not?
    Can anyone point me towards the relevant ...
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