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  1. aged like a good wine.

    by , 11-12-11 at 13:12 (DIARY OF A B52 REF (aged 29 3/4 forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend)
    WEEK 16- Essex derby -but all very good humoured.
    Sunday- top youths game with keen new young ref as homers coach.
    Midweek- students 14-15 so rubbish hometeam card ,not too badly off pace but bothsides not happy with my breakdown mangement (oops).
    Esher to watch England Ladies easily put away the Kiwis (could have scored a lot more but for bad options, overuse of chip/cross kick when simple run in would have done the job.)
    Ref was v.good (well very tall compared to the ...
  2. aged 19 3/4 for ever

    by , 27-11-11 at 19:11 (DIARY OF A B52 REF (aged 29 3/4 forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend)
    Week 14- top ladies league- all good stuff though i suspect crappy card from losing visitors vice- capt. (no.8) "can you please get your head in pre-engage - no slingshot-" " no 'i,m an international this is the way we do it " communication kinda went downhill thereafter.
    midweek- really good students game- reminded me why i love this game.
    londonrefs dinner - the 2 willies speaking asi in Mr President RFU and Mr McBride -fortunately former was short self deprecating and humous and latter ...

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  3. Ruck Stuff

    First post so we'll see how it goes...

    Just looking for some insight from my learned colleagues regarding actions I've noticed at the ruck...

    i.e., ball won and at the back of the ruck, defending player then stepping over or through the ruck to dislodge the ball (kick out of the ruck) seems to me a considerably negative action that is/has been dealt with varying degree (penalty to play on) thoughts are that this obviously needs to be managed closely on the ...
  4. week 13

    by , 20-11-11 at 23:11 (DIARY OF A B52 REF (aged 29 3/4 forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend)
    WEEK 13-decent level league match (but means i miss out on reffing royal vets v their oldboys which is always followed by one of the bacchanalian highlights of the season) Goes pretty well-adviser (who knows me well) gives me my report BEFORE the match and is pretty much spot on (great management but you're not fit enough)
    Sunday - top ladies game -great fun and i sort of keep up.
    Midweek - fast students -good game am o.k but a bit off the pace. last week's ladies are training on next ...
  5. early season

    by , 14-11-11 at 20:11 (DIARY OF A B52 REF (aged 29 3/4 forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend)
    DAIRY OF A B52 REF, aged 39 3/4 (forever) with apologies to Sue Townsend.
    Season 2011/12 ;
    Summer Training blighted by double hernia op. (only went in for one but seems it was buyonegetonefree day at local hospital.) Resisted some really nice invites to RWC12 (including joboffer after my 2007 videoarbitre duties) but they keep coming so book warm weather training in caribbean with WWI (wickedwitchindoors) so have decent excuse to decline.
    Slow start to seaon while in rehab ...
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