• England to wear new black shirt against Wales.

    England will wear their new, and apparently controversial, black kit during their August test match against Wales.

    The change strip has come under a lot of criticism as being insulting to the All Blacks, though the RFU have been quick to point out that they sought permission from New Zealand before going ahead with the design. In the agreement England are not permitted to wear it if they play New Zealand.

    So the question is why? The English kit does not clash against the red of Wales, so it's obviously a Public Relations showing of the kit. The money makers are at it again, but will the English public accept it? Probably, if for no other reason than for the love of winding someone else up.

    The English team were due to wear the kit against Argentina at the Rugby World Cup later on this year, which is understandable due to the lightness of both country's home kits, and the only other nations playing in the world cup that would clash with the traditional white English kit is Fiji and the USA.

    So what about the Kiwi's, are the really as upset about it as everyone claims? Well apparently not, it's received little more than a question of wonder at why they RFU would do this? It can't be psychological games, because they are not allowed to use it against the All Blacks. So what really is the point?

    Most people agree that a change top, such as that worn by the English Rugby 7's team would be more appropriate, and stylish. (See right).
    In a time when anything the RFU do is criticised (Steel & Thomson incidents, Blackett's report, Johnson's non English team), surely the last this they needed was a change strip that added fuel to the fire.

    Lastly how does all this help the English with preparations for the Rugby World Cup? Surely the fall out of the RFU incidents must be taking their toll on the players, and for that matter, Martin Johnson. Only time will tell.
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    1. Ian_Cook's Avatar
      Ian_Cook -
      "The English team were due to wear the kit against Argentina at the Rugby World Cup later on this year, which is understandable due to the lightness of both country's home kits" Why is it "understandable"? England have played Argentina 15 times beginning with their 19-19 draw in 1981. On every occasion except two, each team has played in their "regular" colours, which haven't really changed during that time... England in all white, Argentina in sky-blue and white hoops with white shorts. In 30 years, these colours have never caused a colour clash. Why has this been deemed a problem now? Is there a sudden epidemic of colour blindness going on now that I haven't heard about?
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -

      You are correct as shown in the picture above, I believe it must be an iRB directive. But I cannot substantiate that with anything but speculation.It makes sense to me in this day and age where rugby is a lot faster than it used to be, that we ensure colours are as different as possible, two teams in light coloured kits would go with this. Same as teams that play in different shades of blue (italy vs France for example). The two are easily distinguishable, but are not normally both used together.
    1. Adam's Avatar
      Adam -
      I know in the past when I've watched England versus Argentina on the TV I find that the two light coloured jerseys a bit difficult to differentiate sometimes, and I have perfect eye sight. I'd much rather have one dark and one light jersey on the pitch so it makes it easy for the viewer. If I was close to the pitch then I'm sure it wouldn't be a problem.
    1. Lee Lifeson-Peart's Avatar
      Lee Lifeson-Peart -
      When I am Argentina on FIFA 11 I never let my lad play as opponents in white as I can't distinguish the teams. Hope this helps the debate.

      On the same note if everyone else who play in "white" Argentina, Fiji, USA etc have a change strip then England wouldn't need one!!!!!

      Or do they have to have one?

      I can't remember England ever playing in other than white until very recently. I certainly remember Fiji playing in a sort of Black/White barbarians type shirt at Twickenham with England in the usual.

      That England Sevens Shirt looks like a PNG RL shirt
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      And here is the old black kit, the RWC one will probably be the same but with the Nike symbol in the middle and the RWC2011 logo on the right breast. The O2 will be gone. They will probably also have the same red flare around the front that the white one has.
    1. ctrainor's Avatar
      ctrainor -
      Still think it will luck S*IT and damned un-english
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      You heard it here first (About playing in it against Wales)

    1. Taff's Avatar
      Taff -
      TBH I think it's purely psychological to wear black, as opposed to any other colour for a 2nd set of shirts.

      Black is seen as menacing, intimidating and threatening- why do you think the SAS wear black? It's black for a reason gents, and with games so tight, teams will grab any possible advantage they can find.

      Of course the All Blacks may resent it, but let's be blunt it suits them to keep things as they are doesn't it. .
    1. OB..'s Avatar
      OB.. -
      Quote Originally Posted by Taff View Post
      why do you think the SAS wear black?
      Because they operate mainly at night?

      They actually wear whatever is the best camouflage.
    1. Taff's Avatar
      Taff -
      Compare the two photos.

      Ah sod it I can't get the attachments to work .
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      What are you trying to compare? The SAS to the England Rugby kit?
    1. Taff's Avatar
      Taff -
      Quote Originally Posted by Robert Burns View Post
      What are you trying to compare? The SAS to the England Rugby kit?
      Sort of, I was comparing some of the SAS kit to the England rugby kit, but I couldn't get the attachment to work. I had a photo of 3 of the SAS that raided the Iranian Embassy in London back in the 80s. By coincidence, they were dressed in all black and had a similar pose to the 3 England players in the earlier photo. My point being that of all the colours the RFU could have chosen, why opt for Black? To my mind the main reason is psychological .... it's black for a reason as it's chosen to be intimidating.

      TBH I quite like the new strip.
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      I think it's nothing to do with the playing strip, I think it's to get England fans wearing black in NZ, I think that's where the psychological effect will be aimed.
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