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  • RugbyRefs.com 2011 Rugby World Cup Competition


    This is your chance to be a part of the worlds greatest rugby competition.

    We will be running an RRF Competition for the RWC 2011.

    To enter you will require all of the following.
    1. a minimum of 18 years of life behind you.
    2. a paypal account (or a friend willing to let you use theirs).
    3. Willing to pay an entry fee of US$5.00
    We wil run the competition with as many people that want to enter, but there will only be one winner. Will you be lucky?

    1. Enter the competition by paying $5 per entry through Paypal, using the link on the forums sidebar. - Remember to include your RugbyRefs.com username with payment.
    2. It is the payee's responsibility to ensure payment has been made correctly.
    3. The names will be printed out, cut up and put in a pot.
    4. Each team will be printed out and put in a pot.
    5. A draw will be made, videoed and uploaded so it can be seen that no cheating has taken place.
    6. Where a margin is the same as another person with the same team, the first submitted margin will stand, and the second will be asked to change.
    7. Payment will be made within 24 hours of the tournament finishing.
    8. You may enter more than once up to a maximum of five entries.
    9. Only members of RugbyRefs.com may enter.
    10. There is only 1 prize, winner takes all.
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    1. Adam's Avatar
      Adam -
      There are 20 teams in RWC 2011 not 16?
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      yep. you get the drift though. will update it when I get home.
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