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  • Referee Rankings - Round 3 of the Pool Stage

    Well we have our rankings for the third round of the pool stages, only one round of matches to go, and there is not too much between the refs, only 2.9 points separating top to bottom.

    Biased Table:

    Unbiased table:

    Nigel Owens, Roman Poite , Craig Joubert & Wayne Barnes top both tables, with Allain Rolland coming 5th on the Unbiased table and Dave Pearson coming 5th on the Biased.

    Will these rankings be reflected in the appointments in the knock out stages?

    It is our understanding that 4 of the original 10 Referees will no longer referee after the pool stages, according to our unbiased members who have rated the referees performances, the unlucky ones should be Bryce Lawrence, Steve Walsh, George Clancy & Dave Pearson.

    However, with one game left to prove they're worth of a knockout appointment, and with the rankings being quite close, anything can happen.
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    1. Buzz's Avatar
      Buzz -
      It will be interesting to see which 6 are chosen on monday to continue to referee. I have a feeling that Bryce Lawrence will be one of the 6, even though there are better performing referees in the tournament. I reckon the 6 will beNigel OwensRoman PoiteWayne BarnesCraig JoubertJonathan Kaplan Bryce Lawrence 3 northern hemisphere and 3 southern hemisphere referees. it's hard to say what the final appointment would be but based on the matches so far I'd like to see Nigel Owens or Roman Poite be appointed as they have been the most consistent (depending on make up of final teams of course), but if SA aren't in the final, it'll go to Kaplan.
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