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  • Be a rugby volunteer in a developing country

    Would you like to use your skills and experience in Rugby to volunteer in a developing country?

    The Australian Volunteers for International Development Program places skilled Australian volunteers in developing countries. The Australian Volunteers Program is funded by the Australian Government international development agency, AusAID. International Rugby Board will be supporting a Rugby Provincial Development Officer assignment in Solomon Islands.

    To apply for this assignment please go to:-


    I encourage you to apply or pass this link on to anyone interested in applying.

    Applications are due 25th October. Application details are available on www.volunteering.austraining.com.au
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    1. Dickie E's Avatar
      Dickie E -
      I would have thought a qualified primary teacher would be of more value than an experienced referee.
    1. OB..'s Avatar
      OB.. -
      Quote Originally Posted by Dickie E View Post
      I would have thought a qualified primary teacher would be of more value than an experienced referee.
      Is it a question of "either/or"?
    1. L'irlandais's Avatar
      L'irlandais -
      Donal1988 got back from Ghana this time last year, perhaps he might give some more feedback on that trip ; which might be of interest to those considering taking up this proposal.
      Quote Originally Posted by Dickie E View Post
      I would have thought a qualified primary teacher would be of more value than an experienced referee.
      I'm not convinced, since teaching Rugby has quite different objectives from basic primary school teaching.
      We believe that sport is a powerful tool for driving social change
      - that's why we're committed to changing lives for the better through sports development.
      The use of "cornerstones" to mark out pitches in Kenya looks a bit dodgy.
    1. Donal1988's Avatar
      Donal1988 -
      Hi all, just seen this. I found my 2 months in Ghana extremely rewarding.In reality you could be playing marbles with the kids but its about giving them time and structure to their day. School is finished at about 2pm and if the kids have nothing else to do it leads to booze and drugs.Most of the kids I coached were 13-18 years old. I was lucky enought to send a group of them to the UK to play against a London based school. They also got to meet the likes of Mike Catt and Tim Stimpson.The loved the controlled aggression of rugby and just talking about life in Ireland. They had never seen an aeroplane before for example I remember taking them up to the airport.The children are very different in some ways to British kids such as their values - but in other ways are quite similar; they love games orientated training for example.If anyone wants pics or specific questions about my trip let me know. If you want a contact to head out there let me know.
    1. Donal1988's Avatar
      Donal1988 -
      I also found there were benefits when I got home. I was able to get a job as a project manager for a rugby touring agency; my experiences in Ghana played a factor in me getting the job ahead of more experienced and qualified applicants
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      Excellent report on your experience Donal.

      Thank you.
    1. Dickie E's Avatar
      Dickie E -
      Quote Originally Posted by OB.. View Post
      Is it a question of "either/or"?
      No but it didn't appear in the pre-requisites.
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