• Referee Rankings & Statistics after the Quarter Finals

    Here are the current Referee Rankings after the Qtr Final games:

    You'll see on the table the top and bottom scores in each area have been indicated, the top scores have been made bold and the bottom scores underlined.

    According to our Biased table (where supporters of the teams playing are included) we see a strange anomaly.

    We have 2 overall Columns, One is what the member rated the referee as overall, and the other is what the overall rating should have been , taking all the other ratings into consideration. We obviously rank in the table off the calculated total because this gives a much clearer picture.

    But, The calculated figure puts Roman Poite on top of the table, 0.1 points in front of Craig Joubert, but our membership has rated Criag Joubert's overall performances to be better than Roman Poite's, by 0.03.

    In fact in all scores accept scrums Craig and Roman are quite close. However when it comes to scrums Roman is a whopping 1.25 points ahead of his nearest referee.

    Craig also has the honour of being the only referee to have a rating of 10. His Fitness has been ranked as 10/10 by everyone that has rated his games. A great achievement.

    You'll also see that after the game on Sunday Bryce Lawrence has hit the bottom again, on both tables.

    If, as is being reported, the final will be refereed by one of the Semi-Final Referees, and Craig Joubert takes the honour, he will have made his own little piece of history.

    Craig will have become the first referee to have ever refereed a game at every stage in the World Cup.

    We shall see how he goes!


    Here you will see the total and average statistics for the referees and their games, in an easy to compare format, the referees are listed in alphabetical order.

    Can you see anything interesting in them?

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