• Craig Joubert to referee the Rugby World Cup 2011 Final

    Craig Joubert from South Africa has been chosen to referee the Rugby World Cup Final between France & New Zealand with Allain Rolland (Ire) as AR1 and Nigel Owens (Wal) as AR2. Dave Pearson (RFU) will take the role of 4th official, and Guillio de Santis (Ita) as TMO.

    With this appointment Craig Joubert has made Rugby World Cup history by being the only person to have refereed a game in every stage of a single tournament.

    We at RugbyRefs.com would like to congratulate Craig and his team on their appointments.Bronze Final

    Wayne Barnes from England has been selected to referee the Bronze Final between Wales & Australia with Roman Poite (Fra) as AR1 and George Clancy (ire) as AR2. Bryce Lawrence (NZ) will take the roll of 4th official and Shaun Veldsman (RSA) will be the TMO.

    Once again congratulations to all for their appointments, we hope you have a good game.
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    1. yankinoz's Avatar
      yankinoz -
      Well done!!
    1. B52 REF -
      hear hear -best men for the job!!( given that bryce was conflicted for the final
    1. Simon Thomas's Avatar
      Simon Thomas -
      Head and shoulders above the rest - well earned appointment.
    1. TNT88's Avatar
      TNT88 -
      Good on him. Also interesting to note he probably has another 2 world cups in him at least.
    1. ruareftrev91's Avatar
      ruareftrev91 -
      Good on Joubert and...An endorsement of Rolland!
    1. Ricardowensleydale's Avatar
      Ricardowensleydale -
      Quote Originally Posted by ruareftrev91 View Post
      Good on Joubert and...An endorsement of Rolland!
      I agree he is absolutely the right choice but I'm not certain how it's an endorsement of Rolland. I thought he was universally recognised as the best choice for a game between France and an English speaking country. The IRB couldn't really not give him at least AR1 or it would be seen as hanging him out to dry.
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