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  • Congratulations New Zealand

    Not just on winning the cup so sought after so hard for the last 24 years, but for staging an excellent Rugby World Cup.

    This congratulations doesn't just go to the players, but to the whole nation.

    During my time in New Zealand (Invercargill, Queenstown, Dunedin, Wellington & Auckland) I have met and enjoyed the company of so many people, all have been welcoming, all have enjoyed the spirit that the Rugby World Cup brought to the nation, and all have left a lasting impression that will stay with me for the rest of my life. I know that other visitors have felt the same too.

    I was pleased to see France push the All Blacks, no one wanted to see a one side game. And to be fair France was the better team in the final, they finally turned up, however the All Blacks did everything they needed to do, and scrapped the win.

    The game itself was one of the most intense games I have ever seen, the pressure on both teams, and the officials must have been huge.

    And finally, to the iRB, do not fine France for walking forward at the Haka, all they did was stand up to it, they did not confront, the accepted the challenge, and even Richie MaCaw appreciated the gesture.

    Once again, Thank you New Zealand, See you in four years in England.
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    1. Dickie E's Avatar
      Dickie E -
      well said. See youse all in 4 years.
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      And failed to notice that a NZ player also crossed their line.Farce!
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