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  • A quiet weekend for RugbyRefs.com

    This weekend was unusually quiet for me and the RugbyRefs.com community, but not because of a lack of rugby. Those of you that follow our website will know we have a presence on Twitter (with nearly 1000 followers) and Facebook, so asking questions, disputing a decision or just enquiring to interpretation has never been easier.

    This weekend had:

    • 2 Test Matches
    • The Aviva Premiership
    • The Rabo Direct Pro 12
    • The Top 14
    • The ITM Cup
    • The Currie Cup
    • The Shute Sheild Semi Finals.

    So how come it was so quiet? Well the main reason is that all referees have performed well. We had no controvosy, no strange decisions and good hard games of rugby. I had one tweet suggesting that the yellow card issued in the Australia v South Africa game should not have been, but that was it, I believe even the most passionate South African supporters would admit (unwillingly perhaps) that it was a fairly easy decision for Nigel Owens.

    Every referee knows that the best game they have is one where no one talks about them, or really notices them. Strange as it may seem, given we wear bright colours so we can be seen, have a loud whistle so we can let players know to stop and look at us (so we can show them what the issue was), and in some games we even have communication devices so that we can talk to our assistant referees (and coaches or anyone with the right technology can hear what we are saying). However, being unnoticed can happen when the game goes well.

    When Sam Warburton, the Welsh Captain, was sent off in the semi final of the Rugby World Cup 2011, it was a massive event. We posted an article stating why the decision was right, and why players & coaches should have understood the risks. The send off was discussed everywhere, and our article gained over 25,000 views and was replicated & linked to by numerous websites.

    The fact is that more controvesy, creates more traffic for a website like ours, because we need to explain why a decision was or wasn't right in accordance with law. However not all laws are clear, which then leads us to explain the most common interpretations (I say most common, because when certain laws are not clear, some referees can apply them differently until coached or directed otherwise).

    So, to all referees who had a game this weekend, thank you very much for the quiet weekend., and I wish you all the best in this weeks fixtures.
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    1. Taff's Avatar
      Taff -
      Wasn't Sam Warburton sent off in the Semi-Final?
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      Good point, thank you.
    1. dave_clark -
      apart from JP Doyle bottling a red card AFTER seeing a replay.
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      No one in public world spotted that, only in here.
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