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  • November Test Referees Named

    The IRB yesterday released the appointments for the up and coming test matches in November, and it makes for some very interesting reading.

    The 9 top referees (exc Chris Pollock who is still injured) have all got games, with Gerome Garces once again joining them in the elite list after a brief sabatical from the panel.

    The IRB has though given some quite big games to some up and coming referees,

    There are Tier Two tests for:

    Leighton Hodges (WRU) - USA v Russia, Irish Wolfhounds v Fiji & Romania v USA;
    Francisco Pastrana (UAR) - Canada v Samoa, USA v Tonga, French Barbarians v Japan;
    Lourens Van der Merwe (SARU) - Canada v Russia;
    Glen Jackson (NZRU) - Georgia v Japan;
    Pascal Gauzere (FFR) - Georgia v Fiji;
    Jaco Peyper (SARU) - Romania v Japan;

    there are Tier One v Tier Two tests for:

    Greg Garner (RFU) - Italy v Tonga;
    Glen Jackson (NZRU) - England v Fiji;
    Pascal Gauzere (FFR) - Wales v Samoa;
    Mathieu Raynal (FFR) - Scotland v Tonga;
    John Lacey (IRFU) - France v Samoa;

    And a full Tier One International for:

    Lourens Van der Merwe (SARU) - Italy v Australia;

    The remaining games are all full Tier One with the established referees taking charge, they are:

    Wayne Barnes (RFU) - Ireland v South Africa & Wales v Australia;
    George Clancy (IRFU) - Scotland v South Africa & England v New Zealand;
    Craig Joubert (SARU) - Wales v New Zealand (Now we can see how Wales would have done had they got the the RWC Final, with the RWC Final Referee);
    Jerome Garces (FFR) - Scotland v New Zealand;
    Nigel Owens (WRU) - France v Australia & England v South Africa;
    Jaco Peyper (SARU) - Ireland v Argentina;
    Romain Poite (FFR) - Wales v Argentina & England v Australia
    Alain Rolland (IRFU) - Italy v New Zealand;
    Steve Walsh (ARU) - France v Argentina.

    Congratulations to all there referees above, especially those who have been given the chance to referee within a higher level game than they have previously had.

    The full appointments can be found here:


    Picture of Lourens Van der Merwe is from http://www.sareferees.com
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    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      Just to confirm the November tests will be played under the new LAT's but with the old TMO protocol.
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      is there seriously no interest in the appointments?
    1. dave_clark -
      clearly not. what do you think this is Robbie, a referee website or something???

      interesting to see Glen Jackson get a tier 1 vs tier 2 game. 2 questions immediately spring to mind - how long it will be before he gets a shot at the big time and whether this will encourage any other elite players to follow his example.
    1. ddjamo's Avatar
      ddjamo -
      this site is for grammar/spelling
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      John Lacey is also an ex pro player with a test match.

      Remember though that Glen Jackson became a referee in the UK whilst he was still playing, not after he became injured.
    1. dave_clark -
      so you're suggesting that we english can claim him as one of our refs? i will go with that!

      didn't realise John Lacey was a former elite player. i guess my former comments can also be applied to him too.
    1. shepherdrugby's Avatar
      shepherdrugby -
      Are there any American international refs?
    1. Dixie's Avatar
      Dixie -
      Quote Originally Posted by shepherdrugby View Post
      Are there any American international refs?
      Define American. Would it include a Latin American such as an Argentinian? If it includes a Canadian, we may be able to dig one out from somewhere ...

      If we are limiting ourselves to the good ole US of A, then Dana Teagarten is one of the top ladies in world rugby. I am not aware of any men at the exalted heights, but that may be because they make it all up as they go along
    1. shepherdrugby's Avatar
      shepherdrugby -
      ohhhh ok
    1. SimonSmith's Avatar
      SimonSmith -
      Not 15s, but there are refereeing on the iRB 7s circuit.
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