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  • Craig Joubert to Referee on the Sevens World Series

    image ©WorldRugby*

    WorldRugby have announced their 2015-2016 HSBC Sevens World Series Match Official Panels, and there is a surprise inclusion to the list. 2011 Rugby World Cup Final Referee Craig Joubert has joined the team in a bid to be included in the Match Officials Panel to attend the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro in 2016.
    WorldRugby have stated on their websites that “It is exciting for the sevens referee team that a high-profile referee such as Craig Joubert has made himself available to try to referee his way into the Olympics. We all know he is an outstanding 15s referee, and having started his career in sevens, we are delighted he will be able to bring his experience and expertise into the sevens group.”

    Craig Joubert then comments “I’m really excited by the opportunity to again referee on the World Rugby Sevens Series. My dream is, through on-field performances, to put myself in a position to be considered for selection to referee at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.

    Sevens rugby has progressed significantly since I refereed on the series from 2003 to 2005 and I know that the first step is to prove myself again on field as a capable sevens referee. I’ll be joining a very experienced and close group of officials on the circuit who I’m really looking forward to learning from and ultimately proving myself to them as a valuable team mate and colleague on this exciting journey for all of us.”

    The full panels are:

    Mens: Richard Kelly (NZR), Matt O’Brien (ARU), Marius van der Westhuizen (SARU), Federico Anselmi (UAR), Craig Joubert (SARU), Alex Ruiz (FFR), Nick Briant (NZR), Mike Adamson (SRU), Ben Crouse (SARU), Rasta Rasivhenge (SARU), Anthony Moyes (ARU) and Taku Otsuki (JRFU).

    Women’s: Leah Berard (USA Rugby), Alhambra Nievas (FER), Sara Cox (RFU), Gabriel Lee (HKRFU), Jess Beard (NZR), Amy Perrett (ARU), Beatrice Benvenuti (FIR), Rose LaBreche (Rugby Canada), James Bolabiu (FRU) and Rasta Rasivhenge (SARU).

    RugbyRefs.com would like to congratulate all the referees involved in this seasons Sevens World Series.

    The full articles from WorldRugby can be read here

    *Image is reproduced for referee education only, all rights remain with the owner.
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    1. Ian_Cook's Avatar
      Ian_Cook -
      I think Rasta Rasivenge referees under the ARU banner (unless he has changed back after his trouble with Andre Wastson)
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      This is WorldRugby list. I believe he has changed back as I saw he was refereeing in the Currie Cup the other week.
    1. Dickie E's Avatar
      Dickie E -
      I saw James McPhail in a non-referee role in London. Has he now moved away from the 7s group to elsewhere?
    1. Robert Burns's Avatar
      Robert Burns -
      Yeah, he retired from the 7's group last year.
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