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    Published on 04-01-12 03:01  Number of Views: 7573 
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    The reasons people plateau will vary; some may not even realize they never had "it", thought they did, and kept spinning their wheels in L5 forever, only to be finally "dropped" not b/c they've gotten worse, but b/c they're 35 and there's a 25 year old ...
    by Published on 21-12-11 12:12     Number of Views: 5567 
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    The main Referee Web Awards Voting is over, our members looked at websites and judged on looks, content, Referee usefulness and Public Relations ability, as well as other things. To be eligible the website must be:-

    • Based on it's own site (i.e. not part of a unions site, RugbyFirst & RugbyNet are acceptable as they can be customised to be their own site).
    • It must be free for referees to use.
    • It must be predominantly for referees (applies to non society/association sites).

    The top website from each country (unless a country has less than two websites) also get that countries Website of the year, and a public vote to be commenced ...
    by Published on 09-12-11 03:12     Number of Views: 6845 
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    In this article, the first in a series which depict referees who have made great contributions to rugby, we acknowledge John F Miner of Newcastle, NSW.

    In 1950 John Miner began a career in rugby which continues to this day. For 61 years he has been completely involved with the service of rugby & assisting rugby players.

    In 1950 he began refereeing in Newcastle. By 1954 he had reached First Grade standard and began controlling senior representative fixtures.

    From 1954 to 1967, he controlled in excess of 175 First grade ...
    by Published on 05-12-11 01:12     Number of Views: 7208 
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    This weekend saw the grudge match that is Leicester vs Northampton at Welford Road, and for some, the match proved to be every bit as tight as expected.

    The main talking point of the game however is the two straight Red Cards that Referee Wayne Barnes gave to Alessana Tuilagi & Tom Wood, and in this article I'll look into this incident.

    by Published on 01-12-11 12:12     Number of Views: 2674 
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    The Referee Web Awards are underway at RugbyRefs.com and all members are eligible to vote for any website that is not their own society.

    So make sure you get your vote in and ...

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    Thread Starter: nylluma

    Lineout, blue wins the ball and players form a "maul." Red decides not to contest, and red 6 goes to tackle the ball carrier (below waist, no intention to bind.) However, as he goes for the tackle, the ball is transferred to the back of the "maul", he can't see bcause of players bound, so...

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    When is the ball out?

    Thread Starter: oldman

    Guys, My club have decided to have a small groupie of competent TJ's for the coming season. As an ex-referee I have been asked by the club to offer advice as to when the ball is out (over the touchline). I seem to remember a document from, I think Australia, that covered this does anyone have any...

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    Hand Off or Fend to the face/head/neck

    Thread Starter: Last_20

    Heading into the new season and I am anticipating questions from players clarifying whether hand-offs to the head, face or neck area are impacted by the increased focus on high tackles and high contact in general? I seem to get asked this mostly when refereeing women's matches interestingly?...

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    RWC Japan 2019 - Predictions

    Thread Starter: L'irlandais

    Source RWC 2019 Pools Starting in 50 days time, forty eight matches will be played to determine the winner of RWC. (20th September until 2nd November 2019) Would anyone like to make an early prediction? Firstly, about who gets past the Pool stages, in what order; since the Semi finals are a...

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    Arm protect

    Thread Starter: Arabcheif

    Gents (and any Ladies on the forum). https://www.amazon.co.uk/BREATHABLE-manufactured-thickness-Breathable-additional/dp/B005Z0ST1W/ref=sr_1_39?keywords=rugby+arm+guard&qid=1566554551&s=sports&sr=1-39 Anyone know if these are allowed on the field. If not anyone got any suggestions (for...

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