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yellow card

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I recently reffed a junior game, U14, which was a local side vs a touring side from the NE. In a bad tempered game I yellow carded a blue player for kicking a red player( could have been a red one I know) Immediatly 2 coaches ran on and asked(demanded) that I allow a player on as sub for the carded player as it was a tour game and did not matter, I said no and asked them to leave the field. I then had 20mins of stick from parents and coaches alike. If I had allowed the player sub I felt I would have been condoning foul play, was right?? Andy


  1. flan's Avatar
    In my mind the right cause of action, what’s the point of the cards anyway? If they are going to sub the players being sent off.
    I have asked players to be replaced in some cases but this is before anything has warranted a card for foul play.

    The coaches need a talking too about their actions. I trait i feel is becoming more frequent.
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  2. RugbyFish's Avatar
    I agree and think you did the right thing. I don't like the argument "did not matter" because in the end most of the games at this level actually don't matter and yes, it matters to me that players learn to not kick each other.

    I would usually not give a card when a coach takes a player off before I have made a decision and I once had a player who felt so guilty about injuring another player at a rather unlucky high tackle he didn't want to play anymore so I obviously didn't give him a card.
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