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    Published on 15-09-15 11:09  Number of Views: 17688 
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    image PA*

    JP (John Paul) Doyle is a referee that all English rugby fans will know. Having risen up the ranks quickly in the RFU, JP became a full time referee in 2008 as part of the RFU's elite referee trainee program, ...
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    image Huw Evans Picture Agency*

    With just a handful of tier one Internationals to his name, Pascal Gazre is one of the most inexperienced test referees in the RWC team. One of three French referees ...
    Published on 05-09-15 02:09  Number of Views: 6840 
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    RugbyRefs.com is delighted to offer you the chance to compete against each other on two competitions for the Rugby World Cup.

    We have a Prediction Comp, for predicting Match winners & margins, and a Fantasy comp for those who are a little more into their rugby, to see if they can manage their perfect team.

    The two comps are hosted by SuperBru and are open to RugbyRefs.com people on all utilised platforms (website, Facebook & Twitter).

    You have 13 days to get your selection in for the first round, and to select your ultimate team for the Fantasy competition.
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    image PAWire*

    Nigel Owens was born on the 18 June 1971 and raised in Mynyddcerrig; a small traditional Welsh speaking village approximately 12 miles from Carmarthen, in south west Wales. As a keen sportsman, Owens played Full Back for the school rugby team, but after missing a crucial match-winning conversion, the teacher made a tongue in cheek comment that he should consider becoming a referee. It was a half joking throw away comment which could have been instantly forgotten, but by happy coincidence it would change his life, because Owens thought to himself Why not? ...
    by Published on 31-08-15 05:08  Number of Views: 5138 
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    RugbyRefs.com is pleased to be able to bring you the full appointments for match officials for rounds 3 & 4 of the 2015 Australian National Rugby Championships.

    The NRC incorporates ...
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    Dickie E

    triple movement?

    Thread Starter: Dickie E

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCLu16Dt55c any thougts on the try at 4:30 youtube time?

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    Are there any offiside lines at a quick throw

    Thread Starter: CrouchTPEngage

    Incident from my game yesterday. Made me think for a second. Blue 10 doing a classic exit. Blue 10 kicks to touch. Line of touch it half-way line. Blue 11 who was onside, is the sole chaser. The ball has rolled in touch and Red 14 gathers it and is looking like he wants to take a quick throw....

    Last Post By: The Fat 3 Hours Ago Go to last post

    Try annulled for foul play

    Thread Starter: Flish

    Interesting one this, think he got there although would argue that Blue were the instigators; https://rugbyonslaught.com/footage-tensions-boils-over-into-violence-as-liam-williams-and-danny-care-invovled-in-frenzied-manbags/

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