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    RWC Format

    Thread Starter: crossref

    the unequal times between games just aren't fair to the minor nations that have to experience them, to cure this, there needs to be an even number of teams in each pool. So we need to have 24 teams in the RWC 6 pools of four top 16 teams (top two from each group, four fastest losers) go...

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    South Africa v USA. Mexican Stand Off

    Thread Starter: crossref

    On 24mins game time I think we just saw OB's famous Mexican Stand-Off play out in real life. South African ball carrier tackled and just centimetres short of the line, ball and arms wrapped up by the tackler. Tackler succeeds in keep him wrapped up as ball carrieir struggles to place...

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    Ball-Carrier Bind at back of Maul

    Thread Starter: CrouchTPEngage

    Am just watching Australia v Fiji and a driving maul try is awarded to Australia ( about 30 mins on match clock ). Replays show Ball-Carrier was hanging on by his finger-tips as the maul in fron of him accelerated forward. My question is - does this constitute being bound in a maul ? I think...

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    Clancy - Namibia v Georgia

    Thread Starter: Waspsfan

    Georgian lineout in Namibian 22. Time for the first half has elapsed. Georgia throw the ball in not straight. Clancy whistles for not straight. Half time thinks I, but George disagrees! Doesn't obviously give the option to Namibia just awards them a lineout and says 'we have to have the lineout'....

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    [RWC]. Who will win the RWC 2015?

    Thread Starter: L'irlandais

    Only 5 teams have ever made it to the final. :nz: :aus: :rsa: (must do some'th about that flag!) :eng: & :france: Add to them :wales: and :arg: who have made it to the semi final.

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