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    Phil E

    Dear America....

    Thread Starter: Phil E

    What the f**k have you done! :shrug:

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    ball hits player / player plays ball

    Thread Starter: crossref

    this is from last night's semifinal Eng v France WRWC England kick, and the ball hits a french player in the back, and is gathered by an offside French player https://youtu.be/88kX1O-2P3o?t=3906 For me she's offside PK, but the referee didn't penalise. Was that because he missed it, or...

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    Law 22 variation

    Thread Starter: Novice-Ref

    On the irb website for the new law variations, there are a series of videos. The very last one covers a scenario where the ball is kicked to in goal and the defending player touches down whilst his feet are outside the field of play. Can someone confirm the law references that mean the outcome is a...

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    Not straight or not material?

    Thread Starter: ChrisR

    We've discussed this recently but have not found it. https://youtu.be/xlm5MZSHjmo?t=1961 The Black thrower is not standing on the LOT, the ball goes directly down the Black LO players, WB is looking directly down the LOT. So did he just rule 'not material' as Gold didn't compete? The...

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    SBW lack of HIA

    Thread Starter: TheBFG

    When are the top teams going to learn they have to take this seriously? 2:04 into this clip! (SBW midfield) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xlm5MZSHjmo There's another AB in the second half too (he comes on as a sub)

    Last Post By: L'irlandais 9 Hours Ago Go to last post