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    Law App Update

    Thread Starter: chrismtl

    So I got an update to my laws app yesterday and was wondering if there's anything that I missed from WR that got changed. The description of the update says "updated for changed laws". I already had the 2015 laws book in the app and nothing else seems to have been updated. Anyone know what's been...

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    Ball coming out of a ruck

    Thread Starter: Marauder

    (e) A player must not fall on or over the ball as it is coming out of a ruck. Sanction: Penalty kick Watching France v. Wales: www.youtube.com/watch?v=rtw0iI_BmSU At 29:27 (game clock, 37:26 YouTube time) ball emerges from a ruck, won by Red, and Blue dive on it. I'm thinking "That's...

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    Phil E

    Barbarians v Samoa

    Thread Starter: Phil E

    Watched this game on Saturday. Samoa were unlucky not to win having played most of the game with 14 men. Couple of points I noticed. In the first half we had Ian's knock on, bat backwards scenario. Barbarian tries to catch the ball and fails, juggles it once and knocks it forward a good 3 or...

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    Where are you this weekend? 2015/2016.

    Thread Starter: Daftmedic

    That time of year again troops. With pre season starting very soon.

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    Quote of the week 2015-16

    Thread Starter: ctrainor

    I wonder if there is mileage in this. We all here the wise cracks week in week out. Yesterday running the line at my own club where home clubs had excellent catch a drive at the line out. Smart opposition worked this out and decided not to compete resulting in a couple of quick truck and...

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