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    Thread Starter: bellnier

    Had a brain cramp on Saturday. Defender grabs ball carrier with both hands, stopping his advance, and then sweeps his leg across the ball carriers legs to bring him to ground. Ball carrier complained after that is was either illegal under 10.4(d) (I have always considered a 'trip' as being...

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    Own try

    Thread Starter: L'irlandais

    I imagine this has been discussed previously. However, my question is this, if the Defender's captain was savvy enough, would you entertain his questioning the decision? Or not?

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    Love kids who know their laws

    Thread Starter: TigerCraig

    Did my first game of the season on Saturday - 16A schoolboys trial game between two schools not greatly renowned for their rugby. One team kicked off to start a half (well a third actually as that was the format of the trial), kick went into in-goal where it was fielded and dabbed down. Scrum...

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    Thread Starter: SilverMoon

    Have seen the following on a number of occasions what might be described as "dummying" the opposition at the back of a ruck. What I have seen is the scrum half tap the ball and then run forward or sideways without the ball. Immediately a team mate picks up the ball and moves forward. Ruck Law...

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    Thread Starter: winchesterref

    Bit of a rib tickler.

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