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    Penalise teams late onto the field

    Thread Starter: Zebra1922

    Id like the hive minds opinion on when you would penalise a team for being late onto the field of play with a penalty. one team was late today leading to a 1402 KO instead of 1400. Oppo coaches were adamant I should have given a penalty, voicing their opinions both before and after the game...

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    Cavalry Charge

    Thread Starter: Pinky

    Penalised this on Saturday. Typical number of players running up to the S?H who tapped and passed. They were surprised - said it was just a tap and pass. looked more like the CC at the 1987 Wales v England game. Highlights here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ukm_T_nXqg - near the end. OB when...

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    Half Time

    Thread Starter: beckett50

    Interesting scenario this past weekend. L7 League match. Pre match preamble with the coaches all going well, team talks done and I'm just getting down to my own warm up routine. Away Coach approaches me and says "Ref, this session if the changing rooms are close we go in at half-time." I...

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    Club refs, in England, are they covered?

    Thread Starter: ctrainor

    Just picking up an issue from another thread where people have implied that Club refs and clubs who allow fixtures with them to take place are not covered by RFU insurance as they must have a minimum qualification. If that's the case that could spell serious trouble as I'm sure most societies do...

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    37 Seconds red card

    Thread Starter: ctrainor

    Seen lots of discussion this week about this red card. https://www.rugbydump.com/news/watch-ospreys-full-back-sees-red-after-37-seconds-for-stray-boot I think the decision and explaination was spot on. See it far too often in the professional game, never seems to happen at my level.

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