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    Going to ground to gather ball Vs. tackled

    Thread Starter: Huck2Spit

    Ball is loose boouncing around from a bad pass, Red player goes to ground--gathers ball. Gold player, on his feet, is ...immediately there going for the "jackle". Red holds on and is PK'd for not releasing. Correct decision? Red's options were same as if he were tackled (plus he could have got...

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    Unusual Incidents

    Thread Starter: crossref

    As a companion to DocY's 'this week's cock up' thread -- a thread for those odd/unusual/entertaining things that happen on a rugby field. this one, which happened in my game last week, I'll give you in the form of a puzzle Red kick the game off and, seconds later, without any contact at...

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    Unfortunate turn of events

    Thread Starter: Norfolk_Ref

    So... Quite unusual turn of events today. I refereed a private school's game this morning and as I turned to run, my mouth was open (as I look gormless most of the time) and what flies in and stings me on the tongue?? A wasp! I should have also been refereeing this afternoon but had a...

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    Dickie E

    why you should always check studs ...

    Thread Starter: Dickie E


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