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    Acceptable frustration or sending off?

    Thread Starter: Zebra1922

    Couple of quotes from my match today, would you consider these acceptable frustration from losing teams or tipping into RC territory for implying or saying you are biased? 1. (Following a try after defender tackled a break near the goal line and supporting players scored - I was not over the...

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    Scotland vs SA - LO try

    Thread Starter: Zebra1922

    Scotland’s second try came from an innovative move. Number 7 is in the receiver position, and when the LO is thrown moves into the LO to catch the ball and run through to score. I’ve been nosing around the laws and can’t see where this is permitted. There are references to having a receiver ,and...

    Last Post By: Marc Wakeham 9 Minutes Ago Go to last post

    ‘Through the gate’

    Thread Starter: Flish

    Can someone to point me to what I understand as through the gate in law? I know it as I understand it but failing to find in in law, I only see ‘direction of their goal line’ for tackle combined with possible offside lines, and alongside the hindmost player as an addition for rucks. Is this it?...

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    Why do I keep tearing my calf muscle ? Any advice ?

    Thread Starter: CrouchTPEngage

    For the 2nd time in a few months now, I tore my calf muscle. Weirdly both time happened about the same time in the game ; 5 minutes into the 2nd half. Could be coincidence, but I wonder if getting cold at half-time is a cause ? It the top of the muscle each time.( Soleus ? ) Anyway, this time it...

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    Nigel in action

    Thread Starter: crossref

    I always thought that the best match report for a ref is the one where they don't mention you. However : France v South Africa , here is five minutes of NO "highlights" ... I don't think it's good refereeing to put your arm around a player. For me that's a simple power play. No doubt...

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