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    The Gate is dead! Long live the Gate!

    Thread Starter: ChrisR

    NKW brought this up in January but the thread didn't get much traction then. So now that the trials are in the 2018 Laws I'm wondering what the impact on the game is. 2017 Laws (d) At a tackle or near to a tackle, other players who play the ball must do so from behind the ball and from...

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    Marc Wakeham

    Nice Tackle?

    Thread Starter: Marc Wakeham

    Interesting: https://twitter.com/i/status/1030766841092866048

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    Kicking the ball in a tackle?

    Thread Starter: ctrainor

    Incident this week got me thinking. Red kick long down the pitch an the chase is on. Black fullback drops on ball, regains his feet and is immediately tackled by green chaser and brought to ground. Support from both teams arrive quickly, ruck is formed but momentum is with red who in the act of...

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    No 'wrap' (grasp) signal

    Thread Starter: ChrisR

    In compiling an instructional of referee signals I could not find a signal for "no grasp in the tackle". Any suggestions?

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    Great try or illegal dummy ?

    Thread Starter: crossref

    http://www.rugbydump.com/2018/08/6475/kenya-close-to-rwc-2019-spot-but-this-sneaky-try-raised-some-eyebrows Whats you view

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